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Wrangling the Cowboy (Circle B Ranch #3)

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Kennedy Fox

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Bull riding is all Gavin’s known for years, but when it’s time to retire, he can’t let go of the reckless lifestyle. He finds a job that brings him to a small-town Texas ranch and face-to-face with the woman who snuck out after their one-night stand. She can pretend she’s over him, but he’s not letting her go that easily.
Maize Bishop spends her days cooking and baking for her family’s bed and breakfast. The last thing she has time for is a relationship, especially when there are no single men within a hundred-mile radius. When a mysterious newcomer flirts with her over drinks, she gives in to his mesmerizing green eyes and goes home with him.
Now that he works for her family’s ranch, she’ll avoid him at all costs. There are only so many places to hide, and keeping her distance is easier said than done. After months of giving her space, Gavin’s tired of waiting for Maize to admit what he knows they both want—a second round between the sheets. It may only take eight seconds to win a championship, but he’ll prove to her that he can go all night long.
She’s too young, he’s too arrogant, and together, they’re electric—the perfect recipe for disaster.
**Wrangling the Cowboy is a complete standalone and can be read without reading any of the other books or series, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Hitching the Cowboy as the characters and families do interconnect.**
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Circle B Ranch Series by Kennedy Fox

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Kennedy Fox



“Well, it’s official. I’m joining a convent.”

The bartender scoffs with an eye roll as she sets a shot in front of the brunette bombshell I’ve been eyeing. “You’re too dramatic for your own good.”

The soon-to-be nun downs the clear liquid and makes a face after. “I’m serious. I decided to take a chance and sign up for a dating app, and I swear to God…” She pulls her phone from her shorts pocket and unlocks the screen. “Alright, let’s start with Dennis G. Hey, beautiful,” she mimics in a deeper tone. “You like those braids pulled? I’ll be your cowboy and let you ride me for a night.”

I nearly choke on my beer while I hold back my laughter.

“I mean, c’mon!” She groans. “That doesn’t even make sense! You’d have to bend me over to pull my braids like reins, so he’d be riding me…”

My dick stirs at the image she created in my head, and fuck me, I like it.

“You’re too literal, Maize,” the bartender scolds.

Maize. Of course, she’d have a pretty name too.

I should stop eavesdropping and staring, but I can’t. She’s gorgeous, and her smart mouth has kept me hard for the past hour. After a job interview, I stopped by the Circle B Saloon to unwind before my long drive back to Houston tomorrow. I decided to sit at one of the tall tables to face the TV, and I haven’t been able to take my eyes off the woman who’s clearly had a rough day.

“Okay, how about this one from Gregory H.” She clears her throat as she prepares to read another message.

The girl cracks up as Maize spews another horrific one-liner.

“I fuckin’ quit. There are no decent, single men in Eldorado. They’re either taken, swing for the other team, or talk like they dropped out of middle school. So, I’m joining a convent. At least then, my eyes would never have to be assaulted by an unsolicited dick pic ever again. And let me tell you, the last picture I got was crooked and scarred me for life anyway.”

That has me doubling over with laughter, and there’s no hiding it this time. Both girls snap their gaze to me as I try to control myself. I grab the neck of the beer bottle, take a swig, and act as if I wasn’t listening to every word.

“Looks like one guy finds you amusing…” The bartender holds out her hand with a grin, but Maize frowns.

“I do,” I say with a shrug, hoping to make her smile. “Mostly because you as a nun…I ain’t seein’ it.”

“Really? Because I can totally picture her on her knees.”

Maize’s face turns beet red as she throws a straw toward the bartender. She giggles as Maize’s head drops.

And now the image of her on her knees surfaces in my head.

“I meant, praying! On your knees praying,” the bartender clarifies, but it’s obvious she’s full of shit. She’s got a smart mouth too, and I quickly wonder if they’re related. They do look alike.

“Excuse my sister,” Maize says. “She gets a kick out of embarrassing me.”

“I was right about you two,” I drawl, grabbing my nearly empty beer and standing.

“Right about what?” Maize asks as I take the stool next to her at the end of the bar. She doesn’t flinch when my arm brushes hers, and I take that as a good sign.

“I had a feeling you were related.” I nod toward the other girl.

“My little sister,” she confirms. “Kenzie.”

“Her favorite sister.” Kenzie smirks.

“My only sister,” Maize counters, narrowing her eyes as she scowls at her again. “My pain in the ass sister.”

With a palm to her chest, Kenzie gasps. “That’s it. I’m cutting you off.”

“Nooo!” Maize whines. “I’ll read you another message,” she bribes. “It’ll be a really good one.”

“Or I could just buy you a drink?” I interrupt.

Realization hits her as she sits taller and licks her lips. “Did you just offer to buy me a drink?”

Before I can respond, Kenzie speaks up. “Marry this man. Marry him now.”

Maize glares at Kenzie, and I can only imagine what she wants to say to her right now, which I find comical.

“I mean, unless…do you want a dick pic first?” I flash her a smirk.

“Exactly how much did you hear?”

“I’ve been sitting over there for an hour, so…a lot,” I admit, and her cheeks tint pink again. “It was very entertaining.”

Kenzie sets a beer in front of me and a margarita in front of Maize, then looks at me. “I’ll add them to your tab.” She waggles her brows before leaving to help other customers at the opposite end of the bar.

“Oh my God,” Maize groans. “I’m sorry about her. She assumes and—”

I reach over and put my hand over hers to stop her. “I offered, remember?”

“Yes, that’s right.” She nods, pulling her hand from under mine and grabbing her glass. “Thank you.”