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Melissa Jane

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I swear to God, Jacob Lynch, if I ever see your arrogant, smug face again, I’ll ruin your manhood with a swift knee.

You were the glorified football captain, the heartthrob, the most popular boy in school and yet suddenly you vanish leaving all your horrid friends pointing the finger at me, circling like hungry vultures to see if I would break.

They just didn’t know that I already had. Daily. For months I cried for you. You. Broke. Me.

You taunted and tormented me for years until you finally convinced me to fall in love with you. You said, “Nothing can ever tear us apart.” And I believed you.

But you lied.

And then you left.

Without a word, without a touch, without a sound.

You. Just. Left. Right when my world fell to pieces, you lit the match and watched from afar, as what remained went up in flames.

So, if I ever do see your stupidly handsome face again, you’ll be nothing more than the boy I used to know. The boy who broke my heart and crushed my soul all in a single day.

Because Jacob Lynch… I have no more XO’s to give.

No longer yours,


P.S. I hate how much I still love you.

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“You gotta open your legs,” Jase heckles his struggling groomsman, Max.

The wedding party sniggers and cheers at the endless stream of innuendos as Katy, a bombshell blonde, tries to pass the balloon from between her perfectly long legs to an awkward and slightly inebriated Max, who can’t seem to get a grip on himself, or life. They grapple each other for balance, hands unwittingly touching various parts of the other’s body as they fight to keep the game going. Having enough of his incompetence, Katy takes charge, thrusting forward until the balloon jams between his thighs. The room erupts in applause, and he turns to Amber—the second-in-charge bridesmaid—who appears more enthusiastic than most. She winks and parts her legs like a pro.

“She’s been waiting for this moment her entire life,” Vicki, the bride and my best friend, giggles into my ear. “However, I don’t think she ever expected it to be a balloon.”

I snort my laugh because Vicki and Jase have managed to find a bridal party that seems hell-bent on achieving their one objective—banging each other. And by the time the joint party had arrived two weeks before the big event, sexual tension’s in overload. And we still have the rehearsal dinner, hen and stag parties, then the actual wedding to go.

“It will probably be more pleasurable than what he’s got to offer,” I say loud enough over the music and raucous. Max, albeit incredibly handsome, is a renowned pothead, so Katy will have to find out the hard, or not so hard, way.

“The only one left to partner up is you.”

I visibly cringe. “Not going to happen.”

“You say that now, but…”

“But nothing. I’m very much happy on my own.”

“That’s because you haven’t yet met Jase’s best man.” Her green eyes twinkle with mischief.

“And even when I do, my feelings will remain the same.”

She plumps her generous cleavage in the scoop neck dress she’s wearing. Vicki can easily pass as Dolly Parton in her heyday. Generous breasts, curves for days, tiny in stature and big Texas blonde hair, and she sure knows how to work every bit of it. “Girl, how long has it been?”


“Don’t play coy with me. Tell me?”

“A few months.”

She rolls her eyes. “That means a year.”

“Eight months.”

She sighs. “That means two years.”

“Vicki, that’s—”

“I’m right, aren’t I?”


“That means yes.”

Damn, she’s good. “Fine. Eighteen months.”

“You’re gonna need to clear those cobwebs somehow.”

I playfully slap her arm. “There are no cobwebs, thank you. I’m a modern woman, and I can look after myself.”

“You need to challenge Amber for that balloon. You need it more than her.”

“Fuck you.” I giggle, feeling slightly affected by my fourth cosmopolitan.

Did she have a point?

Am I fated to become a lonely spinster at twenty-seven?

I’d had relationships in the past. Well, perhaps relationships is too much of an overstatement—fleeting affairs sound more accurate.

“No, but seriously…” she jokes, completely not serious, “… this man is to die for. And it would be a shame if he goes to waste because he’s very much single.”

“That’s good to know, Vicki,” I reply deadpan. “And, while I’m flattered you chose me to be your maid of honor, I do not wish to partake in your seemingly well-planned orgy.”

She snorts into her glass, champagne spraying her face. “Let the record show…” she says, delicately wiping her glossed lips, “… I did not know our wedding party would be so damn horny, especially for each other. Even I’m surprised.”

I look down the line and see the balloon has so far survived the ordeal.

“You’re up!” Vicki massages my shoulders. “Do it for the girls.”

Peter, the second groomsman, turns to me. He’s unsteadied due to the copious amounts of jaeger bombs he’s consumed and his willingness to get up close and personal. I’m hesitant to have him invade my body space, especially after the gross and rather detailed stories Vicki’s previously told me about him. But, stories aside, my best friend pushes me forward until my chest hits his. He sees it as a come-on and licks his lips in a way he thinks is sexy. I can say from firsthand experience, it’s not even remotely attractive. He’s yet another handsome man in Jase’s posse, but unlike pothead, Max, Peter is fully aware of his good looks and the effect it must have on women when he’s sober.

“Okay, big fella, steady on,” I warn, stepping back to create some distance. His hand snakes around my waist while he tries to insert the balloon between my legs. The group cheers, and I grimace wishing I’d accepted the earlier tequila shots. It would make the whole experience much more forgettable. As soon as I go to grip the balloon, Peter staggers back, taking me with him. Vicki holds my waist, and while I’m caught in a lopsided, awkward embrace with my balloon partner, I hear commotion at the door, the groom shouting in excitement. I try to turn but can only glimpse his back as Jase pulls him into a man hug.