You Had Me at Merlot (Destination Daddies Season Two #1) Read Online G.R. Lyons

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They’re once again fighting over the same boy. But this time, the boy wants them both and won’t take no for an answer.
College professors Griffin Mitchell and Laurence Scott used to be best friends. Then mutual interest in a student—interest that went beyond professional—kicked off a rivalry that left them both betrayed and at risk of losing their careers. When Griff wins a trip to a daddy kink getaway through the Cuffd app, he takes it. Anything to get a break from his problems.
Except Laurie is also at the getaway. And when they both meet Nicky, their rivalry starts up all over again.
Nicky knows one daddy isn’t enough for him, so when Griff and Laurie walk into his life, it feels like fate. But both men want to win him at the other’s expense. Can Nicky convince them to share him, or will their rivalry cost them all their happily ever after?





GRIFFIN MITCHELL slammed his door and went straight to his liquor cabinet. He didn't bother with a glass even though drinking whiskey directly from the bottle felt shamefully uncivilized. At the moment, he didn't care. All he could think about was the delicious burn of alcohol and the accompanying blanket it would throw over his problems, smothering them beneath that dizzying buzz.

“Fuck.” He should have taken Laurie up on the invite to get away for the weekend. Then he wouldn't have spent the whole time all by himself, dwelling on the fact that he had mere weeks left at his job and no prospects to fall back on. He and Laurie had worked too damned hard to get where they were. Griff felt completely untethered, but Laurie was taking it in stride, like he took all things.

Sometimes, Griff wished he could be more like that.

Griff took another swallow of whiskey and hissed.

See? Told ya. You should have come with me.

“I know,” Griff muttered, then cursed and shook his head over hearing Laurie's voice as his conscience. It had been that way for years. Griff supposed that made sense after almost a lifetime of friendship. And damn it if the man wasn't always right, even when it was merely Griff imagining his words.

Except Laurie had driven down south to go visit his older brother, Everett. It was a trip he'd made every few weeks since December, when Everett had moved away to go live with his new boyfriend. Griff hadn't wanted to intrude upon a family visit.

But after having spent the weekend alone, dwelling on his problems, he almost wished he would have gone.

Griff took another swig of whiskey, then cursed and jammed the cap back onto the bottle. He shoved the bottle back onto the shelf, then pushed it aside to see what else he had.

He stopped when he spotted the old bottle of merlot buried in the back of the cabinet. Griff felt a sudden urge to smile as he carefully pulled it out and held it in both hands. The wine was so old, it was probably pure vinegar by now, but Griff couldn't bring himself to part with it.

It reminded him of Laurie. Of the one and only time their friendship had ever been tested and nearly come to an end. Despite the painful memories of that time, the sight of the bottle always made him feel an intense urge to smile.

Griff suspected why, but he'd tried like hell to keep it all tamped down.

He heard a key in the lock behind him. Griff shoved the bottle back into the dark corner of the cabinet, moved the other bottles around to hide it, and slammed the cupboard shut just in time for Laurie to walk through the door.

“Hey,” Griff said, feeling something loosen inside him. “What are you doing here?”

Laurie pushed the door shut and casually tossed his key aside, a spare that Griff had given him. Griff had a spare key to Laurie's place as well. Laurie shrugged. “Made good time coming home, so I thought I'd come see how you were doing.”

Griff tried to shrug it off, but he knew he failed when he saw the look on Laurie's face.

Laurie spread his arms. “Come here.”

Griff rolled his eyes even as the gesture did strange things to his stomach. “I'm a grown god-damned man. I don't need a hug.”

“Yes, you do. Come on. Bring it in. You know you want all this hotness over here.”

Griff barked out a laugh and trudged over to accept a hug.

Laurie patted him on the back, then held him out at arm's length. “By the way, drinking alone? Not cool,” he teased.

“Who said I was drinking alone?” Griff muttered.

“Maybe the smell of alcohol on your breath?”



Griff chuckled. “You want something?” he asked, hooking a thumb toward his liquor cabinet.

“Nah, I'm good. One of us has to be responsible.”