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A Devilish Christmas - The Marchesi Family

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Silvia Violet

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Devil, my beast of a man, seduces me into eloping, then kidnaps me for a honeymoon in Christmastown, Vermont.
A lot of men would be furious. I simply planned revenge involving handcuffs.
My annoyance doesn’t last long. Devil rents my dream cottage and manages to draw me out of my Scrooge-like ways. But I’ve been keeping a secret, and it follows me all the way to Christmastown.
Can Devil and I enjoy each other, find our Christmas spirit, and keep ourselves safe from a vicious killer?
This is a sequel to Devil (The Marchesi Family 3) and is best enjoyed after that story.
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Silvia Violet



“Don’t move.” My cock slipped from Joe’s body as I rose from the bed, leaving him lying on his back, panting and sweaty.

“I’m not sure I could if I wanted to.”

“Mission accomplished.”

He flipped me off as I walked to the en suite bathroom. After taking a moment to clean myself up, I stared at myself in the mirror. I’d put this off too many times. I told myself it was because Joe had been working insanely long hours and was distracted as hell by his current case, but that wasn’t really it. I was scared—damn, I hated admitting that, even to myself—but I wasn’t going to chicken out again. If for no other reason than my cousin Angelo would never stop giving me grief. There was never going to be a moment more perfect than this one while Joe was spread out in our bed, spent and satisfied.

I opened the bottom drawer in the vanity cabinet, pulled out the small velvet box, and charged back into the bedroom before I could change my mind.

Joe was dozing, but he opened his eyes when I knelt on the bed. “Devil, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

He studied me before replying. “Like you’re about to tell me something I won’t like.”

“You better like it.”

Joe snorted, then he noticed what I was holding, and his breath caught. “Devil?”

“Yes, baby?”

“What’s that?”

I shrugged. “You’re the detective, you tell me.”

I watched the muscles of his throat work as he pushed himself up on his elbows.

“Yes? I’m waiting for an explanation,” I prompted.

“It’s a ring box.”

I grinned. “See? I knew you were smarter than you look.”

“Tell me you’re not about to propose to me when I’m lying here covered in cum.”

“Can you think of a more appropriate time?”

Joe sighed, but when he looked up from the box and met my gaze, we both froze. The air seemed too thick, and I wondered if we’d both suffocate. At least then I wouldn’t have to take this risk, ask him this question, wonder if he’d say no. I knew what we had was good—so damn good—but did Joe really want to tie himself to me permanently?

“Is this really happening?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“You better decide soon because I’m starving, and I want my breakfast.”

I laughed. “You’ve gotten so spoiled living with me. You never used to eat breakfast.”

He just shrugged.

I hated that my hands were shaky, but I ignored that and opened the box. Joe’s eyes widened when he saw the simple gold band inside.

“You didn’t think I was going to get you something gaudy that you’d hate, did you?”


I held up a hand. “Don’t answer that.”

Our eyes met again, and I had to swallow before I could speak. “Joseph Daniels, will you marry me?”

Tears shimmered in his eyes, and my heart skipped a beat. Please say yes.

“Yes, baby. Of course the answer is yes. I already told you I wasn’t going anywhere.”

The ring box tumbled to the bed as I pulled him to me and kissed him until we were both desperate for air.

Joe cupped my face. “I love you Sylvester Marchesi. Now put that ring on me.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Call me Sylvester again, and that’s not the only ring you’ll get.”

He huffed. “That’s not much of a threat when you know what I like.”

“Damn right, I do, and no one else can satisfy you like I do.”

“Yes, yes. I did agree to bind myself to you for life after all.”

“Right.” I felt around until I found the box, which had thankfully snapped closed when I’d dropped it. I extracted the ring and grabbed Joe’s left hand.

“Should I wait to wear it until we’re actually married, or are you planning on getting the gaudy one then?”

I gave him a sly grin. “Don’t you think a mobster’s husband should look the part?”

His scathing expression made me laugh, but Joe stared at his hand, his expression serious.

“Should I get you a ring now? What are the rules for this?”

I shook my head. “There are no rules except the ones I give you.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes. And I don’t want to wait.”

He met my gaze, and my heart skipped a beat at the intensity in his eyes. “To put on the ring?”

“To get married.”

“Don’t tell me you want a cheesy ass Christmas wedding.”

Joe had been horrified when he’d learned I was one of those “Christmas freaks” who loved everything about the holiday and that I intended to drag him around to all manner of holiday activities. I considered playing up his ridiculous idea, but if we were going to follow my plan, I didn’t have time for more nonsense. “Christmas? I said I didn’t want to wait. That’s weeks away.”

“How fast can you plan a wedding?”

I laughed as I slid from the bed and stood. “Get showered and dressed. We’re supposed to be at city hall in an hour.”