A Knight in Tarnished Armor (A Knights Through Time Romance #15) Read Online Cynthia Luhrs

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Last summer, on what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, Amy’s best friend vanished without a trace.

After much pleading, her parents agreed to one final trip to England to search for clues as to what really happened to Lily, and then she’ll come home and get on with her life. But when she’s accused of tampering with the dig and loses her job, not to mention any chance of working in the field ever again, Amy flees and everything goes horribly wrong. Then she meets an unlikely trio of sisters, fellow time travelers, who just might be able to aid her.
Christopher de Savage, the feared Wolf of Wolfshire, has no time for damsels in distress, especially ones that break his nose. He has a castle to repair, enemies knocking at the drawbridge, and somehow has to find a way back into the good graces of his brother.



P resent Day

Durham Castle, England

Amy Evans refilled the royal blue YETI tumbler, smiling at the last lines from The Summer Day, a poem by Mary Oliver that she’d had inscribed on the tumbler. The words served as a reminder to her every single day that life was wild and so very precious, even if it had been hard to believe over the past year.

Another sip of ginger ale helped settle her stomach. Normally she despised the taste. It burned going down, but a woman on the dig told her it worked wonders, so she’d tried it, pleasantly surprised it worked.

The clouds shifted, and the sun warmed her face as she pulled a list from her pocket, crossed off pick up lunch, and pick up briefcase, and sipped again, grateful she no longer felt queasy.

Ken was behind the three-day bout of food poisoning, Amy would swear to it, though he of course, feigned total innocence. The sniveling swine.

“Don’t let them get to you.” A delivery guy from the cafe called after her as she wheeled the heavy cart containing the lunch bags, beverages, and mail across the street to the van.

“I won’t.”

She waved to the staff who were busy preparing lunch for a group of tourists from Australia.

“Thanks for the ginger ale and crackers, they’re already helping.”

It had taken an inordinate amount of begging to get her parents to agree to one last trip to England. Desperate times and all that, Amy even enlisted her siblings to the cause, and after much back and forth, along with the solemn promise that upon her return she’d go back to school and finish her degree, they’d relented.

Strings were pulled, favors promised, and her father along with a rather generous donation, had made it possible for her to spend the summer on an exciting archeological dig, right here at Durham Castle, only an hour from Ayrwick Castle, where everything had gone so horribly wrong last year.

Durham Castle was in County Durham. Several scenes in the Harry Potter movies had been filmed at the glorious Durham Cathedral. Lily would have loved visiting all the sites, she’d read the books several times, but with so many things on their itinerary to see, they hadn’t gotten around to going during their trip last year.

The buzzing in her pocket startled her as she tripped over a loose cobblestone, sending the trolley careening towards a very sleek, very expensive Aston Martin. She ran after the cart, grabbing the handle and stopping the rough metal edges just inches from the driver’s door of the beautiful car.

“Whew, that was close. Hold on one second.”

The trolley rested against a bench as Amy sat for a moment, one hand on the handle, the other holding the phone to her ear.

“Sorry about that. I’m loading the lunches into the van now.”

“What was close? What do you mean you’re fetching lunches like some kind of lowly assistant?”

The indignant voice of her eldest brother, Scott, had Amy holding the phone away from her ear, peering at the screen as if she could see across the miles all the way to Connecticut, where her brother lived with his perfect wife, three adorable kids, and an overly happy golden retriever. They were so perfect it was nauseating.

“I tripped and the cart almost hit an Aston Martin.”

She swore she heard her brother wince. He adored cars even though he took the train into New York City every day, where he worked as some high-powered venture capitalist guy.

“Why are you fetching lunches? I thought you were doing something useful this summer?”

There was murmuring in the background and then the sound of Patricia’s voice as she called out, “We miss you. Come back soon. The kids would love to see you.”

Amy sniffed, hearing the normal family sounds in the background.

“I miss you all, too.”

She slouched on the bench, watching people go about their day, wondering what cares weighed them down.