A SEAL for Liz (Fighting for Home #6) Read Online Julia Bright

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Can she trust again?

Liz Broschell had a perfect life, or everyone thought she did. But it all fell apart, leaving her homeless with two kids to raise and a mountain of debt to pay off. When revenge seekers looking to cash in on the money they’re owed abduct her and her kids, all hope is lost.
Liam “Flip” McClanahan doesn’t know why Liz pulls at his heart like strings attached to a puppet master, but he vows to help her. When she goes missing, he has no idea how to find her.
Then his team is called in to rescue a politician’s family abducted by traffickers. When he finds Liz and her kids in the traffickers’ hideout, he vows to never let her out of his sight again.
With two kids under their roof, life is exciting, but it seems like they can’t get time together without interruption. Just when Flip realizes it’s all worth it, he faces his biggest test. Can they survive the ordeal, or will everything fall apart?



Today was her anniversary. Liz Broschell had tried to forget, but the memories played in the back of her mind like a horror show on a loop. The day meant nothing good to Liz, not after everything that had happened, not after the abuse she’d suffered.

The one customer in her section made it worse. His voice sounded like Chip’s, grating on her nerves, making her sick to her stomach. As she waited for the drink order, she closed her eyes, trying to get a handle on her thoughts as she shoved the memories away, wishing it would all just stop. She needed to get her head on straight. Now wasn’t the time for a flashback to the abuse she’d suffered.

“Hey, baby, I need another beer.” The sound of that man’s voice made her want to throw up. That he was calling her baby made her want to punch him, and she couldn’t punch customers. Being nice to the tourists and military men who came here got her big tips, and she needed the money if she wanted to leave Hawaii.

“Sure thing, sweetie.” Liz tossed in a wink, trying not to think how Chip would be rolling over in his grave at her antics.

She was so fake here at work it was nearly painful. This job would keep her afloat. If she lost it, she would have to take drastic measures, which was the last thing she wanted to do. How much lower could she go than working in this less than respectable dive bar? The haters who’d made her life and her kids’ lives miserable would laugh if they saw her now. Wearing a tight T-shirt and a skimpy skirt while flirting with older men on vacation who thought they were badass but were probably wimps at home in their real life wasn’t how she thought her life would go.

Liz sang along with the song blasting over the speakers to fill her mind with something other than the stress of living on this island without the man she’d moved here with. God, what a mistake marrying Chip had been. She’d believed what they had was love, but she’d learned the hard way that Chip had never loved her.

Now she had two kids to care for and no one to help. She thought she would have the survivor benefits when he died, but those had been denied. She’d shrugged it off, thinking the small amount would have only gotten her so far because Chip had left a mountain of debt in her name. She should move back to Maine, but the last thing she needed to do was be close to her parents.

The door opened, and a group of guys stepped in. They had longer than military regulation hair and looked comfortable in their civilian clothes, but she pegged them as military guys. They had the walk down, and the way they glanced around, reading the bar in a few quick seconds told her they were some part of military.

After delivering the beer to the guy she wanted to punch, she moved to their table and flashed what she thought was a convincing smile. “Hello, I’m Liz. What can I get you?”

“Burgers all around, medium. Fries, too,” one of the guys said.

Another guy glanced up and met her gaze. “Beers all around. Whatever you have on tap.”

Liz nodded and turned as someone crashed into her, sending her flying into the lap of the guy next to her. Every single man at the table where she’d just taken their orders stood, except the man holding her. The bar got silent real fast.

Pain flashed through her, but she ignored it. No one said anything, and the two men fighting ducked their heads and turned away, moving to the other side of the bar.