Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter (Highest Bidder #0) Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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Grizzly shifters like me don’t last long without a mate.
Not when your inner bear is a snarling rabid beast.
He’s getting harder to control.
Every day, I feel my grip on him slipping.
It won’t be long now until he’s full on feral.
Then there will only be one option.
A bullet in the head.
The feral monster will have to be put down.
And he’ll bring me down with him.
My mate is the only one who can save me.
But she’s not here and I’m running out of time.
In desperation I go to an auction.
When I catch a whiff of her delicious scent, my bear nearly loses it.
And when I see her on that stage with other men bidding on what’s mine, my bear wants to destroy everything and everyone.
I won’t let him. Not this time.
She’s mine to protect.
And those men are mine to destroy.
May the highest bidder win?
Screw that.
May the snarliest, vicious, most possessive man win.
Winning bidder or not, I’m taking her.
And I’m going to claim my mate.




* * *


Just keep it together.

My grizzly lets out a low ferocious growl and three of my brothers glance nervously at me.

Not now. Please, not now.

My asshole grizzly is picking the worst time to have a tantrum. It’s like living with a psychotic two-year-old who hasn’t learned boundaries yet.

I can feel him pacing around inside, huffing angrily and snarling at the smell of love in the air.

This time, even the groom who is my youngest brother, Nathan, turns around. It’s the middle of his wedding ceremony and he looks worried that his older brother won’t be able to keep his insane grizzly bear in check.

It’s a valid concern. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately.

It started when my older brother Caleb found his mate. My grizzly started getting more and more upset that we didn’t have our mate and he began taking it out on me.

Keeping me up all night by thrashing around inside and trying to claw his way out at the worst possible times. He was always a pain in the ass—more savage and violent than all four of my brothers’ bears combined—but lately, he’s moving toward full-on feral and I don’t know how to stop it.

Caleb finding his mate was bad, but when my younger brothers, Scott and Lionel, found their mates too, he got worse. He actually burst out of my body when we met Lionel’s mate, Aubrey, and ran into the woods, snarling like a rabid beast. I couldn’t pull him in for four days.

When Nathan found his mate, Candice, at only twenty-two years-old, a full ten years younger than me, my enraged bear kept me up for three straight nights and days.

“It is now time for the vows,” the minister says.

My whole body is flexed in this tuxedo as I struggle to hold my barbaric grizzly back. I’m sweating. My breaths are all harsh and ragged. This is not a good look.

I force out a smile to the crowd. Some of them are looking back at me, probably wondering if I’m having a stroke.

Nathan and Candice are mates, so this wedding is pretty useless. What’s more of a connection, more of a bond, more of a commitment than being a fated mate?

But still, Candice is human, so it was important to her and her family. Nathan is willing to do anything for her, so he went along with it all.

I should have sat this one out. I should have known.

“From the second I met you,” Candice says to her mate with a look of pure devotion in her eyes, “I knew you were the one.”

My bear starts boiling at the words. He lets out a nasty growl and charges forward. I grunt as I flex my whole body, trying desperately to hold him in.

The humans can’t hear his noises, but the shifters can. My brothers turn to me with worried glances. My family in the crowd is on the edge of their seats, knowing what my maniac of a bear is capable of.

I can’t let Nathan and Candice down. I won’t.

Fuck off! I growl back.

My bear takes this as a challenge and lunges forward, trying to pull me in as he claws his way out. I stumble back as I squeeze my eyes shut, gritting my teeth as I force him down. It’s like trying to stop a tsunami. It’s like trying to push down an earthquake.

We’re not doing this fucking shit here! Fuck. Off.

He snarls and bounds forward again in a brutal charge. I nearly drop to my knee as I struggle to hold him in. I grab my tie and yank it loose so I can fucking breathe. My head is pounding. My pulse is racing. I hate this fucking bear.

He’s always been a fucker. An untamed, wild predator that I had to share this body with. But this—ruining my brother’s wedding—is a new low. Even for him.