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Axed - A Forbidden Dark Romance

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Samantha Towle

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From New York Times bestselling author Samantha Towle comes a forbidden dark romance novella....

Axel Turner has finally been released from prison, and he can’t wait to retreat to a quiet existence, keeping his head down and living his life on his own terms. The only person he has to answer to now is his parole officer.

Imagine his surprise when the stuffy, middle-aged overweight guy he’d conjured in his mind turns out to be anything but that, and he finds himself sitting across the desk from Eden Briars—the girl he went to high school with. The girl that’s consumed his dreams since he was a teenager. The girl he once loved.

And now she’s his parole officer.

What’s worse is that, since his release, his old classmates have started dropping like flies, all dying under suspicious circumstances. Of course, the people in town are only too quick to point their fingers in Axel’s direction.

Because once a murderer, always a murderer, right?

**Previously part of the Scouts Anthology**
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Samantha Towle

The receptionist replaces the phone handset and looks at me over the glasses perched on her nose. “You can go through. Down the hall, and it’s the fourth door on your left.”

I push up from my seat and walk where directed. My boots thud heavily against the tiled floor. Reaching the fourth door on the left, I knock on it.

“Come in,” a female voice calls from the other side of it.

I’m surprised for two reasons. First off, I figured that my parole officer would be a man. Not that women can’t be parole officers, but I just had a stereotypical image in my head. Guess that’s what happens when you spend a lot of time with only men. And second, that voice sounds familiar.

With that familiarity sliding through my thoughts, I push the door open, and I instantly see why I know that voice.

Because I know her. Knew her.

Eden Briars. She was my high school crush. I guess crush is putting it mildly. I was in love with her. Only I was never on her radar. I was a gawky, awkward-as-fuck teenager. The kind of kid who went to the Scouts and sat at home, playing on his computer.

Eden rolled with the popular crowd. Dated the quarterback.

We had some classes together, so she knew who I was. She was always nice to me—unlike some of the crowd she hung with. But she never looked at me in that way.

Honestly, I didn’t blame her. I was nothing like I am now. Let’s just say, I grew into my looks, and using the prison gym daily definitely helped. Still, in this moment, I’m vaulted back to all those years ago, to that weak, insecure kid.

“Axel Turner.” She remembers me … recognizes me. I hear it in the warm inflection in her voice and see it in her gorgeous green eyes.

Eden was always pretty in high school. But now, as a woman, she’s fucking beautiful. All that long, thick red hair, just begging for a man’s hands to get tangled up in it … preferably my hands. Her cute, little, pert nose that turns up at the end and those plump lips that I spent way too many hours obsessing over.

Jesus, the thought and sight of her almost give me a stiffy. I never forgot Eden Briars, and clearly, neither did my cock. Not that he got anywhere near her. Not even close. Wet dreams and imagination were all I ever had of Eden.

“Please sit.” With a smile, she gestures to the chair across from her.

Swallowing hard, I take a seat.

I’m nervous, and I don’t know what the fuck to say or what to do with my hands. I settle for folding them over my chest and clearing my throat. “So …”

“How are you doing?” she asks, leaning forward, resting her elbows on the desk.

A floral scent wafts over from her side of the desk, and it’s fucking decadent. And, yes, I know what that word means. I might have gone to prison instead of college, but I’m not dumb.

Just fucking stupid.

“Good,” I grunt.

I’m usually a one-worded answers or a grunt in response kind of guy. She got both. Lucky gal.

But when you spend as much time in prison as I did, with the scum of the earth, you learn to keep everything close to your chest. You don’t share with any fucker, and the way to do that is to not talk much. Although, to be honest, I never was what you would call chatty as a kid. Having a voice in high school meant bringing attention to yourself, and I definitely never wanted attention. Only from her. Not that I ever got it. Well, not in the way I wanted it.

But I got it from her boyfriend, his friends, and the bitches she called friends, and it wasn’t the attention I wanted.

They were dicks to me. But I wasn’t alone in that. Anyone who wasn’t considered part of their elite group was a target for them.

I never got why Eden hung out with them. I mean, I get it in the sense that it’s better to be popular than not. But Eden always seemed so different to those dicks. She was better … although she couldn’t have been that much better. Even if she didn’t participate in their stupid fucking pranks and bullying, she knew about it, and knowing and not doing something is just as bad.

Still, it didn’t stop me from wanting her though, did it?

Didn’t stop me from thinking about her for a lot of those nights in prison. I never forgot about her.

And I bet she hasn’t thought of me in all this time—until my name turned up on her desk.

Funny though, of all the places I would have expected to run into her, this never would have been it. I always thought she would marry that prick she was with in high school or some other rich, good-looking dude she met in college and popped out a couple of kids. But from what I’m seeing here, there’s no ring on her finger.