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Beast Comes Home - Devil's Blaze MC

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Jordan Marie

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Christmas is over, but Skull and the guys with the Devil Blaze MC want to celebrate one of their own’s birthday.
Beast has visited the clubhouse, but he hasn’t stayed one night inside the walls since walking away.
Now, he is back with his Beauty.
Can the men of Devil’s Blaze convince him that being a member of the Devil's Blaze is his destiny and talk him into coming home?
Welcome back for one last ride with the Devil’s Blaze, before the kids officially try to take over. Skull, Torch, Sabre and the boys are determined to bring Beast back into the fold.
But will it work?
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Jordan Marie


“What if everyone hates me?” Hayden asks for the hundredth time.

“Hayden, you’ve met them all before,” I laugh, as I sling our shit in the back of the truck.

“I know… but we haven’t stayed at the clubhouse before,” she murmurs, and when I look over at her, she’s biting her nails.

I walk over to her, reach up and take her hand in mine. I kiss the tips of the fingers she was torturing seconds earlier.

“Beauty, it’s going to be fine. You’ll see.”

“You’re right, I know. I’m just so nervous. I know your brothers are important to you,” she whispers, her face flushing with embarrassment.

“They are, but you and our family are more important,” I answer, and I watch as her face softens. I press my lips gently against hers. It’s not really a kiss as much as an affirmation that she’s everything to me. It seems no matter how much I tell Hayden that, she always worries.

“I guess I better go wake Connor and Ryker up,” she murmurs.

“That depends.”

“On what?” she asks.

“How long do you think the little hellions will sleep if you don’t wake them?”

“I thought you said you wanted to be on the road before ten?” she asks, surprise moving across her beautiful face.

“Some things are worth being late for,” I answer with a shrug.

“Oh yeah? What would that be?” she asks, laughing.

“Making love to my woman,” I answer, my voice coming out more like a low growl as I pick her up in my arms.

Hayden squeals, immediately looping her hands against the back of my neck.

“Michael! Put me down! I’m way too heavy.”

“You barely weigh anything, Beauty,” I chastise, stalking back in the house and toward our bedroom.

“Bullshit,” she laughs. “Michael, I’m pregnant and big as a house. And you know as well as I do, making love isn’t what it used to be.”

“I won’t go as deep,” I wink, and she blushes again. It cracks me up how she can go so shy even after we’ve been together all this time. “And you’re not as big as a house. Fuck woman, you’ve always been beautiful, but pregnant you stop my damn breath,” I tell her, kissing her temple as I make it into our bedroom, closing the door behind me. Only when that’s done do I let her slide slowly down to stand, keeping her close to my body. I know she can feel how hard my cock is, because I’m making no secret of it – I love the way her eyes dilate when she discovers how much I need her.

“We’re going to be late for Beth’s pre-party dinner,” she warns me.

“Ask me if I care, Beauty?”

“Do you care, Michael?” she asks with a small grin—I figure because she definitely knows my answer.

“Not in the fucking slightest,” I answer, gathering her dress up in my hands and pulling it up slowly, letting my fingers trail up her legs, then her hips, to rest just at the bottom of her ribs. “Hold your arms up, Hayden,” I order softly.

Her eyes go smoky, filled with hunger. She might complain how sex is different now that she’s farther along and heavy with our child, and she’s right… but it’s also more intense. She’s hungry for sex all the time, coming alive with just a touch.

I remove her dress, tossing it on the floor. Her hands instantly come up to try and shield her body from my eyes. I put them back to her sides, unlatching her bra and pulling it from her body.

I don’t know why she’s so damn self-conscious. I’ve never given her reason to be. There’s not a fucking thing I don’t love about her body, including the small stretch marks she obsesses over since having Connor and Ryker—which are deepening and changing now that her stomach is stretched with our next child. But, hell, her breasts… They might be my favorite change. Her breasts have grown, but her nipples… they’re bigger, darker in color, and haunt my fucking dreams they’re so perfect.

“If my breasts don’t quit growing, I’m going to start looking like Dolly Parton,” she grumbles.

I can’t drag my eyes away from them, as I palm them in my hands, squeezing softly. Her breath comes out stuttered and when I swipe my thumb across her nipple, she lets out a gasp.

“Michael…” she moans.

I bend down and take the nipple in my mouth, sucking it gently at first.

Her fingers come up and weave into my hair as she pulls my head into her. I feel a shudder move through her body and I close my eyes and just drink this moment in.

Loving Hayden has brought so many miracles in my life, all of them good… all of them sweet. Having her love, so giving, so open… might be the sweetest yet.

I’m fucking blessed. Years of hell have brought me to where I am, and I’ll never take a moment of it for granted.