Betting You (Lionheart Academy #1) Read Online T. Ashleigh

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I don’t have repeats, I don’t do feelings, and I definitely don’t make commitments.
If you come to me expecting your knight in shining armor, be prepared for disappointment.
It’s my senior year, and I want to enjoy my last bit of freedom before following the path my father has mapped out for me.
Well, that was the plan until Ryan showed up and ruined everything.
That’s all it was supposed to be, a game—just a way to mess with the new kid.
Except, what started as a game quickly turned into me catching feelings.
And what’s worse, he may never forgive me once he finds out.

This year has been chock-full of bad moments and even worse decisions.
The first was when my mom told me she was getting married again.
The second was being shipped off to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere.
The third was thinking I could trust the fuckboys of Lionheart Academy.
But the worst of them all was the fourth.
I should have known better. I should have listened to my gut.
Rich boys don’t have hearts.
And Hudson Reginn is no exception.



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Shivers roll down my spine as I stand and stare out blankly at the overcast sky. I always liked the view from up here. Too bad I can't see it very well through the blur of tears. My lip wobbles and the fat drops run down my cheeks. I gulp hard, trying to stop the sob wanting to erupt from my throat. I swat the tears away and angrily wipe them on my jeans.

How could I be so stupid? I always told myself I was better than this. That I would never fall victim to loving a guy like him. After years of watching my mom always fall for the wrong one, I vowed to myself I would never go for the popular, rich cliché. Yet here I am, drowning my sorrows, literally.

I bring the bottle to my lips as I look out at the endless miles of ocean blue below.

I'm beyond heartbroken. At this point, all I am is numb. I rub my hand absently over the expanse of my chest, wishing away the sorrow buried beneath the fog. More tears spill and I clench my jaw so hard I’m surprised my teeth don’t crack from the pressure.

Will this feeling ever go away? The endless abyss of emptiness I feel crowding in and settling over me?

I take another big swig from the bottle, feeling the vodka burn the back of my throat on the way down, and then toss it back onto the dirt.

Fuck him for making me feel like this.

I wring my hands out nervously before sprinting to the edge and jumping off the cliff. I was always too scared to do this before. During the pointless parties with nameless faces. Hell, I’m scared now, but I'll do anything to feel something other than pain and betrayal.

My body hits the water with a splash and the frigid January water hits me to the core. I let the coldness seep into my pores, blocking off my heart completely, and blackening my soul.

As my lungs burn and my pulse throbs in my head from lack of oxygen, my mind is elsewhere, thinking of a happier time.

A fleeting time when everything felt right.

A time when all I wanted was him.

A time when I thought he could be my forever.


Chapter One


I really should've seen it coming. I mean, my mom and Theo have been together for nine months now. I know all the signs and yet, I missed every single one. She has a system. Every time the dreaded talk is coming she butters me up with a movie, all my favorite snacks, and boom. She breaks the news to me.

The popcorn and Raisinets are settling heavily in my gut like lead as she rubs her hand lightly over my thigh. “This is a good thing. I can feel it. For real this time,” she says, as if these aren’t the same words she tried to soothe me with all the times before.

This will be our seventh move. The seventh time she found ‘the one.’ My mom’s a bit obsessed with relationships and has been since the loss of my dad. She’s in love with the idea of love. She goes from boyfriend to boyfriend, praying for a prince, and always ends up with disappointment.

“Why can’t he move here?” I fold my arms over my chest defensively. I don’t want to move again. I don’t want to be the new kid. Starting over is hard enough without having the new kid stigma across your forehead. My stomach heaves at the thought. Not again.