Bullet’s Butterfly (Howlers MC #5) Read Online T.S. Tappin

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After walking in on an execution by her husband and her uncle, Harlow’s truck breaks down on the side of the road and a biker stops to help. Hesitant to trust anyone, Harlow keeps her guard up as she rides with the biker back to his hometown.
Bullet knows she’s running from something. He makes it his mission to do whatever is necessary to find out what she’s hiding and help make her safe. When his tiger takes notice of her and declares her as his mate, finding out her secrets becomes less of a curiosity and more of a necessity.
Can Bullet and the Howlers keep Harlow safe?






Being able to shift and run in his tiger form was only second to being balls-deep in some classy pussy, as far as Bullet was concerned.

For over a year, the motorcycle club he belonged to, The Howlers MC, had been too busy taking care of the growing list of people who thought it was a good idea to fuck with them. They learned quick that fucking with the Howlers bought you nothing but a bunch of pissed off bikers, most of which could shift into predators, who liked to get their hands dirty with the blood of their enemies. And touching their women? Oh, hell no!

The Howlers weren’t assholes. Okay, some of them were, but they weren’t the outlaw bikers some thought they were. The Howlers were law-abiding, productive citizens of Warden’s Pass, Michigan, for the most part. They just didn’t take shit from anyone. When someone fucked with them, they fucked back… harder. Justice had a different meaning to the Howlers than it did to the court system. The Howlers were more along the lines of a limb for an eye because an eye for an eye was getting off easy.

The last year of club business had been exhausting. It started with a rival club, The Indiana Chapter of the Hell’s Dogs MC was trying to run drugs and shit between Indiana and Canada by swinging through Michigan. The lower peninsula of Michigan was all Howlers territory and drugs were not their game. They hated drugs, at least the hardcore shit. Some Howlers were known to partake in a joint or two from time to time, but nothing harder than that was tolerated. And they could not fucking stand it when drugs ended up in the reach of children and teens. That shit cranked them up more than most.

The Howlers called on their friends to the north, The UpRiders of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to help them deal with the problem of the Hell’s Dogs MC, since HDMC had higher numbers than the Howlers. Little did the Howlers know, the UpRiders had struck a deal with HDMC to take them out. In exchange, the UpRiders wanted northern lower Michigan from Cadillac north. The Howlers found that shit out, took out their top four ranking members, and set HDMC up to take the fall for the drugs with a police tip.

Shortly after that, the remaining members of the HDMC thought they would get some revenge and decided to kidnap the Howlers’ president’s youngest two siblings and the sister of one of our brothers. Like he said before, don’t fuck with their women. And don’t fuck with their family. The HDMC fucked with both. The Howlers tracked those motherfuckers down and ended the ones who were found with the three hostages. The Howlers’ female allies, The Tiger’s Claw MC took care of eight others at another location. Take that you pieces of shit. Taken out by a bunch of women… most of whom could turn into tigers or wolves and eat you alive, but that’s beside the point.

A few months later, while on a reconnaissance mission of what was left of the Hell’s Dogs MC Indiana Chapter, several members of the Howlers and the Claws ended up killing the rest of the remaining members, except the newest recruit and brought him back home with them. He ended up being a useful source of intel, which was surprising since he was such a new member. Regardless, the only reason he was still alive was because he also happened to be mate to the Tiger’s Claw’s president, Crush. Lucifer, the saved Hell’s Dogs member, was doing his best to win the trust of The Howlers and The Claws, especially Crush.

Then months later, Siren, a Howlers member, was seeing a woman named April, who was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. He slashed her tires and broke her windshield. The Howlers looked for him, but they couldn’t find him. Siren was fucking pissed. He was a man on a mission. But while he was on that mission, the asshole showed up and kidnapped April. With help from Lucifer, Siren and the rest of the Howlers showed up to get her back, decimating everyone there. The Claws cleaned up the mess. The Howlers didn’t know it at the time, but that the fucker was the son of an associate to one of the top dogs in the biggest drug organization in Western Lower Michigan, not that it would have changed anything for the Howlers. To say the drug lord was pissed his associate was taken out in the chaos would be an understatement. Or maybe he was just pissed that his large drug shipment disappeared after.