Burning Up (Honey Pot Alphas #1) Read Online Loni Ree

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It’s not every day you find your slightly underdressed soulmate hanging out in a tree waiting to be rescued but I’m going to take my good fortune and run with it. What starts out as an ordinary day at the fire station turns into anything but when we go on the first call of the evening. Parker Scott somehow managed to fall out her bedroom window and land on a tree branch outside—minus her clothes. One look at the curvy little damsel in distress and I sense my life is never going to be the same again. My inner bear wakes up and declares she’s “mine,” and I know there’s no fighting my destiny. After I rescue my stunning mate, I’m going to tie her gorgeous little rear to me for all eternity. If you like over-the-top, growly bear shifter, curvy girl instalove with a ton of humor, and a tiny amount of drama, this short story is perfect for you.

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The firetruck is turning onto the quiet lane on the edge of Honey Pot Hollow when an elderly lady flags us down. “My neighbor needs help getting out of a tree.” Mrs. Walker points down the dark street.

Conrad, the driver, leans out the window to speak to her. “What happened?”

“I have no idea.” Mrs. Walker shrugs. “I was walking Pookie and heard her calling for help so I called nine-one-one.”

“And you didn’t think to help her?” Conrad shakes his head.

It’s not really a shock to me. Mrs. Walker isn’t known as the friendliest woman in town.

“I called for help.” The gray-haired woman huffs and glances down at her watch. “Now, please excuse me. Pookie needs a snack before bedtime.” She turns and walks in the opposite direction before Conrad can respond.

“Nice old biddy,” Conrad grumbles and drives on down the long, gravel road. We turn a corner and a small blue house comes into view.

“Well, there’s a sight you don’t see every day.” Warrick points at the gorgeous, naked woman sitting on a branch halfway up the tree, looking mortified. She’s holding an upper branch down in front of her in an attempt to cover herself, but it does little to hide her stunning, curvy body. I look from the tree branch over a few feet to a white towel hanging out of an open window on the second floor of the small light blue house and assume that’s how she got out onto the branch.

My cock nearly explodes in my pants as I stare at her luscious body. Even from this distance, I’m able to see her stunning curves and milky white skin. It’s hard to tell the length of her curly blonde hair because it’s pulled up in a damp, messy bun, but I’m guessing it’s pretty long. I squint using my bear’s night vision and see the embarrassment shining from her bright blue eyes.

I give my head a shake as my inner bear rears his head and growls, “Mine.”

The urge to hide her luscious ass from sight roars through me as I take in the entire situation.

“Stop fucking staring at her,” I bark at my good friends and fellow firemen as Conrad parks along the old oak tree, “or I’ll rip your eyes out of your goddamn head.”

Warrick, my best friend since first grade, smirks at me. “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?”

“She’s mine.” Is that my voice? I’m either losing my goddamn mind or I just found my mate.

“Holy shit,” Both of them mutter at the same time.

Warrick smirks. “Look, let’s rescue the damsel in distress first, and then you can piss on her and mark her.” Since he’s a wolf shifter, I guess that shit makes sense to him.

“Bears have a more eloquent method of marking our mates.” I flip him off and growl, “Stay here. I can handle this on my own.” I hop out and grab a blanket from the rig while looking around. Thankfully, my mate seems to live on the outskirts of town. Not seeing a soul in sight. It’s a wonder the old biddy heard her and called for help. I give my head a shake.

“I hate when he keeps all the good jobs for himself,” Warrick grumbles and sits back in his seat before pulling his phone out of his pocket. “Oh well, I’ll play my game while you go save your naked damsel.”

Fucking hell. When the crazy call came into the station, we all thought our Captain was playing a fucking joke on us.

We get frequent calls for assistance in getting cats, and sometimes wayward children, out of trees, but never gorgeous naked women.

As I rush over to the tree, my mind whirls with what I’m going to say. “Is it a good evening for hanging out naked under the full moon?” Fucking hell, that wasn’t what I meant to say, but my mouth ran away without consulting my goddamn brain. I glance up and see my mate’s stunning aqua eyes narrow and try again. “Are you okay, miss?” That’s what I meant to ask in the first place.

“I’m fine, Smokey. Can you please stop staring and give me the freaking blanket?” Then maybe you can help me get out of this stupid tree, she adds under her breath, and my sensitive shifter ears pick up every word.

“Smokey?” I laugh, loving that my mate already has a nickname for me. When I toss the blanket up to her, she easily catches it. “Cover up and I’ll get the ladder to rescue you.”

“Thanks.” While she pulls the blanket tight around her, I grab the extension ladder and head over to rescue my mate.

After securing the ladder at the base of the tree, I climb up and instruct my mate to follow me down the ladder. “How did you manage to get up there naked?” I point at the branch ten feet above us and ask after we reach the ground.