Captured by the Vampire Prince (Royal Vampires #3) Read Online Electra Cage

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I was supposed to hunt down the vampire prince and slay him. But he grabbed me instead.
Now I live in his captivity as his innocent slave to be teased and tormented as he pleases.
I must complete my mission. Above all, I must resist his dark allure … and my darker desires.
Easier said than done now my twisted captor is acting like my savior … and protective mate.
My mission as a vampire huntress was simple—and I failed big time.
He on the other hand got exactly what he wanted—a slave bride so he can take the throne.
Now my own people have put a big bounty on my head and want me gone.
And ironically staying in this vile vampire’s captivity is the only way for me to stay safe.
But the only reason he keeps me alive is because he smelled my innocent blood …
My purity is a complete turn-on for him … a trophy he wants to savor.
So he makes me obey in other ways and does things to me that I secretly enjoy.
He may have spared my life, but he didn’t spare me this torture of yearning.
Am I about to willingly give him the prize he’s waiting to claim?

Full Book:

Chapter 1 - Tatiana

Moonlight glittered in the sky, draping shadows and milky light over the pathway between the compound and the snow-brushed forest of towering pines beyond. Tatiana perched on the flat roof of the dilapidated building, her sensitive ears prickling at the sound of feet crunching on frozen snow.

Vampires were mostly silent. They moved like hunting predators even when not on guard, and still, Tatiana heard him long before she spotted the shadowy figure gliding along the path. However, that was how it usually went. Her keen senses were one of the reasons she was caught in this tricky situation in the first place.

She ducked her head, sucking in a deep breath to slow her breathing and heart rate, to become indiscernible even to the most powerful supernatural senses. Like this, there was no way the vampire could detect her.

Vampires moved fast. Tatiana hardly had a second to flick the silver dagger from the hidden compartment in her sleeve before the vampire was within range.

Male. He looked like a human in his mid-20s, so he had to be at least 100 years old. Young for a vampire. Younger vamps were always the trickier ones.

All these thoughts flew through Tatiana’s mind as she silently launched herself from the rooftop. She sailed through the air with her blade poised to stab straight into the vamp’s heart. An enchanted blade penetrating the pericardial cavity was the only sure way to kill a vamp without magic.

Tatiana was a whisper in the wind. Silent as a gliding bird. The vamp didn’t so much as flinch or stray from his course as she pounced on him.

Right until the hair’s breadth of time before her blade would have pierced him.

Flesh turned to ash and smoke. Her blade jabbed into nothingness, sending Tatiana reeling forward, rolling through the cloud, and landing in the snow. Crystals crunched as she rolled and turned in time to watch the diffusing smoke whirl around her like a snake, solidifying into a vampire again two feet away.

He struck out. Elongated claws whipped toward Tatiana’s face, two of them biting into her cheek as she leaned to dodge away. With a hiss, she redirected her momentum into a whirling kick toward the vampire’s shin.

His legs evaporated into smoke, and Tatiana threw herself into the snow. She landed with a crunch, rolled, and was covered in a layer of ice. She held on to her blade with a white-knuckle grip, but her arm was twisted beneath her during the scuffle.

The vampire laughed. “You’re off your game today, Tattafae.”

Tatiana bared her teeth. She hated that nickname. Argyle came up with it to mock her half-fae blood. The best assassins were full-blooded fae. Everyone said so. The only reason she could call herself a Nightblade was because the Commissioner took pity on her. Everyone said so.

They didn’t say that when her blade was pressed against their throat.

But they liked to whisper it behind her back.

Argyle was the only one who dared to say it to her face. He knew intimately just how much it pissed her off.

She sensed Argyle, the vampire, hovering close to her crumpled form. He reached for her with his clawed hands, but Tatiana sprung up to meet him first. Her blade met his razor-sharp claws, clashing with her dagger like a powerful sword. Sparks flew, and he narrowed his eyes at her as he strained to shove her back into the snow.

“I can hear your heartbeat. Tut-tut, Tattafae. Where is your head today?” Argyle grunted, and with one last shove, he used his enhanced strength to push her into the snowbank. He shoved a knee into her abdomen and held her down. “You’re done. Surrender.”