Ciao Bella (The Rise of the Langes #1) Read Online Rachel Van Dyken

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How thin is the line between love and hate?

The Five Families thought the war was over.
They have no idea, I'm the very beginning.

I kidnapped her to prove a point—at knife point, it seemed sharper that way.
See what I did there?

I used the perfect virginal daughter from one of the most powerful Families in the Cosa Nostra to fix the broken pieces, knowing that in the process—I’d spread hers for the world to see.
I would embarrass her, shame her, use her, but I would never touch her… my one and only vow to her father in exchange for his allegiance.

The flowers at our wedding would be extravagant—people would watch it like a celebration, she’d live it as her funeral.
Call me twisted, but I thrive off her hate, I wouldn’t know what to do if I had her heart—I’m not good with pretty things I’m capable of breaking.

I’ll use every single person I can to restore order… to bring about the peace that my Family deserves.
But something sinister lurks in the darkness.
In the end, it may not be just my Family I save but theirs as well.

They say the past comes back to haunt you—that history repeats itself.
Bet they never saw this coming.

After all, when one Family falls—another will rise.

Ciao Bella.
The Rise of the De Langes

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“You can’t bestow wisdom on idiots. I would know. My dad told me that every day until I realized it was me, I was the idiot. God love him.” —King Campisi, Capo dei Capi


There are three things you absolutely need to know about me.

One, I have a short temper, compliments of my dad.

Two, my dad is, to put it mildly, one of the most powerful mafia bosses in Chicago.

Three, I hate ham. Can’t stand it, which brings us into four.

Okay, so I meant four, whatever.

And four, I despised Ivan De Lange with every fiber of my soul. If he was on the side of the street limping, you best believe it was because I ran him over with my car, my bike, and then a stolen tricycle for good measure.

He wasn’t making matters easier by picking a fight during family dinner in front of everyone.

More yelling commenced from inside the house. I winced.

And now you’re all caught up.

I’m Bella Abandonato, college sophomore at one of the most elite universities in the nation, spoiled princess, hell of a cookie lover, and this is how I destroyed my enemy: one chocolate chip at a time.

Damn, too much? And was I really trying to do my manifesto while Ivan cornered me in the yard next to the giant tree he’d pushed me out of when I was fifteen?


Was it the same tree I shoved his head against? Also, yes.

I had no problem feeling guilty when it came to him, and he had no qualms about being guilty when it came to me.

“You’re an idiot,” I said with purpose and a strong sense of conviction. I wanted to carve it into his skull so that every time he saw his own face in the mirror, he’d remember like the complete dumbass that he was.

An idiot.

See? Not that hard, and sometimes for people like him, from his Family, reading may be tough, but for him it’s literally something that makes a person wonder, can he even see words?

Ivan leaned in, too close, way too close, his green eyes penetrated mine in a way that was so severely uncomfortable that I wanted to trip him then grab the closest object and hold it high over my head. He’d of course tell my family and it would be a whole thing, the last thing we needed was more war between the Families anyway so we’re taught at an early age, not to necessarily play nice, just not to get caught by any of the bosses from any of the Families.

Ivan was cruel when I first met him at fifteen, when he came into our lives and decided to start working for the Families, not that he was really given a choice as an orphan. I’d been warned to be nice because he didn’t have any parents left, but he just wore his anger so much on his sleeve that the first thing he said to me when I offered him some homemade cookies was he didn’t eat poison then looked me up and down and said. “You should probably cut back anyway, am I right?” He’d pinched my side and what followed was me slamming a plate against him, cookies flying everywhere and blood everywhere that, till this day, nobody’s really sure where it came from.

Then again, I was in the Cosa Nostra, Italian mafia blood ran through my veins, my heart pulsed with it each beat it took and I knew that I’d either live a seminormal life or I’d be the one to wreak havoc.