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Life isn’t going how Ethan planned. He’s caught in an endless cycle with his on-again, off-again boyfriend Owen. The endless spiral that threatens to consume him is abruptly halted from a higher calling, something he never expected. It’s not just the ascension to a greater cause than his problems that gets him going. The lure of true love is what really draws him to his place among the stars.

Groxun’s plan for military superiority has brought him to a small planet in the middle of nowhere. Decades of research and abductions finally bear fruit in the form of Ethan. If the man is a true archon, the commonwealth of planets might stand a chance against the encroaching Gern Empire. Groxun’s heart, long-since hardened by constant combat and conflict, draws him to the mysterious archon. Will he see the Earthling as more than a tool, or will he fall head over heels in love?

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Chapter 1


Ethan’s body quivered without his command, shuddering as he moaned with pleasure. His bare torso shone with a slick layer of sweat, caught in the dim light of a flickering lamp. The air was thick with the sounds of passion as a pair of powerful hands clasped at the wiry muscles on his hips. He brushed an errant strand of hair to the side, peering down at the man who brought him to such exquisite heights.

Owen was a man built like a house. Layers of heavy muscle and hair covered every inch of his body as he laid on the bed, casting a satisfied gaze up to Ethan. Those powerful hips bucked harder than normal, a symptom caused by breakup sex. Everything with the big man seemed to be more impassioned when they were breaking up, even if this was the fourth time in their sordid relationship.

Owen pulled hard on Ethan’s arm, forcing the lithe man’s face into the pillows and mounting him again. He was rough, but nothing else could be expected. Owen entered him again, rough and unyielding, grunting loudly as his open palm left a painful mark on his ass.

“Fuck,” Ethan said, muffled by the pillows.

The entire exchange had been a flurry of clothes ripped and cast without care to the ground. A series of passionate kisses and curses all the same. Owen’s proclamation that they were done as a couple did little to stem Ethan’s unending desire for the man’s cock. The words only stoked that fire in his heart, sending him into a whirlwind of seduction that Owen couldn’t deny.

The bed groaned under their weight, spurred into a noisy chorus by the big man’s rough motion. A loud slapping sound filled the room as Ethan dug his fingers into the sheets, Owen’s considerable member driving hard and fast. Every powerful thrust of his hips brought him closer to the edge, and he knew that neither of them would last long at this rate.

With a hand calloused by years of hard work, Owen wrapped his fingers around Ethan’s member. He gained a gentle moan for his efforts, working his hand up and down his shaft with practiced precision. Those groping fingers dug harder into the sheets, grasping at cloth and digging for purchase.

“I’m going to come,” Owen moaned, stroking faster to match his own quickened pace.

“Come daddy,” Ethan moaned.

The words seemed to spur Owen on further, his hips thrusting with more force than ever before. Ethan relished that feeling of electric fire spreading through his body, starting in his groin and radiating to the tips of his fingers in a flash. Loud moans filled the room as Owen released his seed; the sensation sending a quake through Ethan’s body as he loosed ropes of hot come onto the bed. They stayed there together for some time, panting in a desperate attempt for air.

When Owen finally dismounted, rolling onto the sweat-soaked sheets, he cast an icy expression at his lover. He rolled his eyes over his good work, a smug smile spreading across his face.

“How many times are you going to break up with me?” Ethan asked, kicking the covers off of the edge of the bed. He shuddered again, the hot sweat soaking into the mattress.

“This is the last time,” Owen said.

Ethan’s heart jolted at the words. There was always that empty promise of nothingness at the end of their breakup sex. That there wouldn’t be a warm bed to share in his future, a future forced by Owen’s incessant need for space. Hot anger took hold of his heart at that moment, thick chains of rage wrapping themselves around his thoughts. The cycle of pain and pleasure that spun like a carousel around the two in an unending dance forced Ethan’s heart into his stomach. He knew this encounter would happen again, although he didn’t know how long he could stand it.

“You’re a bad apple, Owen,” Ethan scoffed, his gaze fixed on the popcorn ceiling above.