Covert Desire (CRUSH #6) Read Online Christine Glover

Categories Genre: Romance Tags Authors: Series: CRUSH Series by Christine Glover

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After he’s betrayed by the woman he loves, genius Logan Atwell’s determined to make a difference and spends his days developing software engineering solutions for the world. But when his secret project falls into the wrong hands, he’s forced into protective custody where he races against time to create a countermeasure. He’s attracted to his sassy bodyguard, but he’s looking for more than a short-term fling and her ambitions don’t include lifelong commitments. He’s determined to keep the chemistry building between them locked down. But resisting her isn’t easy when he’s alone with her twenty-four/seven.

Elite bodyguard Caitlyn Baker never thought she’d join an undercover agency. But after her math tutor attacks her during a high school party, she focuses her attention on protecting others. To gain a coveted promotion in her agency’s new division, she accepts an assignment to guard a hot tech guru while he works to stop a worldwide disaster. When they’re forced into deep cover to lure the criminal mastermind behind recent attacks out of hiding, they act on the heat flaring between them.

Now she’s got to make sure he stays alive. Not just to save the world, but to save each other for a much better future…




“This location isn’t what I’m looking for,” Logan said as frigid winter wind whipped against him. He shoved his gloved hands into his jacket pockets and glanced at the tall redhead standing next to him. “Take me to the next one you have in mind.”

His real estate agent heaved a sigh, her breath misting the air between them. “Sure thing. I’ve got a few more properties in mind,” she said. “Maybe one of them will be a match.”

“Not even going to ask me why I don’t like it? Try to figure out what will work?” For a real estate expert, Jenny Thompson didn’t do much to sell the properties she’d shown him. But she’d come highly recommended by her boss when he’d hired the elite company, so he figured he just didn’t read the woman right.

Not the first or last time he’d failed to understand a woman. Numbers? Totally. They always made sense to him. Complicated algorithms? Never missed a beat calculating them. Analyzing data? No problem there.

But then he’d been operating at a genius level in that regard his entire life. Unfortunately, genius level exited the room when he attempted to connect with the opposite sex.

Not that Jenny was his type. But she sure acted like she wanted him up to a point. Then she retreated like a crab tucking inside its shell after dinner the night before and even more when they started looking at properties.

“You’ll know what you love when you see it,” she said nonchalantly as she started to head back to their car, picking her way carefully through the snow-covered ground. “Plus, it’s freezing out here. I can’t wait to get back inside the SUV.”

He followed her. “Same.”

She put her right hand in her coat pocket, then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear with her left one. “We’ve got three more properties to check out,” she said, patting her head like she was checking to make sure every piece stayed in place despite the gusts swirling through the swaying Ponderosa pines.

“Great. We can narrow the options down when we return to the resort.”

“Mmm, I’m hoping I can convince you to settle on the right one while we’re on the road,” she said, glancing back at him.

He caught sight of a few darker strands when another sharp blast of air lifted the poker straight ends. “I never make decisions on the fly,” he said, wondering why she wore a wig, but then he remembered his mother struggling with hair loss due to her ongoing struggle with lupus. The autoimmune disorder had been in remission, under control for several years, but stress could cause another flare-up.

Still, a niggle of suspicion crept into the base of his neck, making the hairs stand at attention as he moved around her to approach the passenger side. He gripped the door handle, but before he could open it, a loud rumbling sound exploded through the air.

He stopped his motion, whipped around, and scanned the road, the upper tree line. Charcoal-streaked smoke filled the air, marring the pristine skyline in the distance. “Holy shit,” he called. “That’s Edgemont. We need to go back, try to help.” Fear for the guests, the people who ran the resort, the few people he’d gotten to know shuddered through him.

“No,” Jenny said, holding a gun and pointing it directly at his solar plexus, aiming for his heart. “There’s nothing there for you, but you’ve got an opportunity to save yourself if you do everything I say.”

His stomach plummeted as the far-off sound of automatic weapons rat-a-tatting cracked through the air. “You’re not a real estate agent,” he said, holding her steel blue gaze with his. Terror rippled through him with a vengeance, clamped around his chest, but he managed to keep his voice steady.