Cowboy Seeks his City Girl (Eagle Mountain Brothers #7) Read Online Marley Michaels

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Hold on to your hats! Cowboy Seeks his City Girl is book 7 in the Eagle Mountain Ranch series. They’re the same kind of sweet, flirty, feel-good, and heart-felt stories you’ve come to love from Marley, but this time you’ll get the big, gruff and tough mountain ranchers living off the land and protecting their own near the town of Kinleyville. The mountains have always provided for the keepers of the lands, and now the Eagle Mountain prophecy has been fulfilled, it’s time for their soulmates to warm up their hearts and their bunks, and make their lives on the ranch complete. Can we all say, awww.

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I never thought I’d call the beautiful mountains of Alaska hell on earth. But right now, all of the airy-fairy, far-too-enlightened, listen-to-the-earth and ‘become one with your inner goddess’ mumbo jumbo that’s been consuming my life for the past three days during the team-building retreat my new boss sent us on, has changed my perspective… and not in a good way.

Like the bent-pretzel position my body was stuck in for forty-five minutes this morning while the resident Yogi hummed and chanted while reading life affirmations from a cloth-bound book? Apparently he was trying to open our minds so that we could see our ‘inner potential’. Inner potential? With affirmations like, ‘to be positive is to be productive’ and ‘I feel rewarded when I achieve team goals,’ I don’t think anything about this retreat is about me and my wellness.

I’m starting to think it’s about convincing us all that the only reward we need in our lives is to work all hours of the day to try and reach company goals. And then when bonus time comes along and they tell us we aren’t getting one, they can point to this god-awful retreat and call it a ‘perk’. Not that I’m feeling particularly perky right now. My hips are still protesting over the backward frog stretch I was in.

All of us are here because a month ago, the business I’d worked my whole adult life for, given all my blood, sweat, and tears to help build and make the leading sustainable fashion company in all of Toronto, was sold to American conglomerate, Luxitex. In the blink of an eye, the old senior management were sent on their way, and we were suddenly being molded layer by layer, employee by employee, into the mirror image of the other ten companies they’d swallowed up before us. Oh, and manufacturing is getting moved offshore now, so that’s just awesome.

And you know what? Progress is fine. Change is fine. But working your ass off for ten years, straight out of high school, sacrificing everything while you claw your way up to the management level, only to have everything you believed in and strived for torn from underneath you is…heartbreaking. I originally joined the company because I believed in everything they were doing–the jobs they created, and the way their practices protected not only the land, but also gave back to the community in a meaningful way. Now… I’ve been demoted because my previous position ‘doesn’t exist anymore’, and I’m feeling more burned out and exhausted than ever before. And doing it while staring down the barrel of a future filled with an innumerable amount of fourteen-hour days and fighting to get back to where I was before, all because of a takeover and new company ‘Ethos.’ One I don’t think I could ever believe in. Greenwashing for the sake of profit over people just does not sit right with me.

This team-building retreat is just the latest way Luxitex is trying to win us over–aka brainwash us into believing the takeover is a good thing. They tell us they want us to de-stress and bond, because a peaceful team is a cohesive team–apparently, anyway. But I’m just not buying into anything they’re selling, and definitely not partaking in the company Kool-Aid. Because after riding in an electric-engined bus for eight hours straight from Anchorage to a collection of ramshackle yet charmingly rustic cabins in the mountains, being subjected to yoga at dawn, meditation by lunch, mandala-weaving in the afternoon and then encouraged to explore our inner psyche in group break-off sessions after dinner, the only thing I am is exhausted. I’d rather be locked in my office at work negotiating with textile companies about the price of a yarn than out here immersing myself in all this existential hoo-haa. I literally just want my life back. I want to return to who I was before this takeover and be done with all this…shit. If I could somehow get my hands on Dorothy’s gorgeous ruby slippers, I’d be clicking my heels together three times and begging for my return to civilization.

Team building and wellness should not equal insomnia, aching muscles and extra stress because we’re forbidden from contacting the office.