Dark Wish (The Starlight Gods #1) Read Online Avery Phoenix

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I always craved the taste of freedom.
Day after day, I pray to the Starlight Gods for their divine salvation in accomplishing such a tedious task.
Experiment 555 is all I am in this forbidden place of forced refuge, but it’s been deemed home for as long as I can remember. You shouldn’t be desperate to leave what is claimed to be a safe haven, but alas.
I hope to escape, even though that spark of light dims drastically with each cycle that passes.
This disappointment nags at me, haunting my psychotic mind that’s on the brink of destruction, to the point I question whether my spirits and I can survive much longer.
With no hope, all I’m left to believe is my final plea falls upon deaf ears—yet again.
Until I’m rescued by men I never knew existed.
Six Star Knights save me from my cycles of suffering with the news I’m not an experiment of the facility, but the stolen Princess of Heila.
How you’ve teased my troubled soul with your taste, but now I may have a shot at making this new life a permanent reality.
May the Starlight Gods guide me, Makoto Heart, and these fateful Star Knights to the path toward the unknown.

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I took a deep breath, trying to calm my beating heart thumping rapidly against my chest.

Waiting for the signal, the anxiety and anticipation built as the seconds ticked by. This was my chance to finally obtain freedom.

I glanced to my left, looking up at my best friend: Lily.

Lily was like family to me.

When I first arrived at the facility, it was difficult to adjust. All I could remember was my stuffed teddy bear in one hand and my new owner’s hand in the other as we walked toward the glass rotating doors.

I had just woken up, the sky above me was pitch black, and my surroundings were covered in a dark mist. I could barely see my feet stepping into the mushy dirt as we walked. The only rays of light came from the structure before me.

My owner said the outside was dangerous, but we were safe within the facility.

I trusted him.

I didn’t understand why, but I had a feeling I’d known him for a while. I simply couldn’t put the pieces together as to why.

He explained I had fallen and hit my head while I had been playing, so I could be experiencing some memory loss. Such a predicament must have contributed to me not remembering him as my guardian.

Regardless, I had no fear as we entered.

Standing in the middle of the wide entrance was a girl. Her bright orange hair and shiny amber eyes lit the room, making her the center of attention.

She was skinny, wearing a simple red dress that complimented her pale white skin. She didn’t show any emotion; her eyes were blank, and she scared me.

I hid against my owner’s leg, trying to hide myself from her. He chuckled at my apprehensiveness.

“Makoto, this is Lily. She lives here too. Say hello,” he introduced, his hand gesturing to the girl standing before us.

I peeked my head out to stare at her. My eyes grew wide as I watched the most serene smile form on her face, brightening her appearance even more. She raised her hand up toward me.

“Hello, my name is Lily Milton. Let’s be friends.” She gestured her hand.

I took a quick glance up at my owner, and his striking red eyes pierced mine as he smiled.

“Go along,” he encouraged.

At his command, I walked toward her, cuddling my teddy bear to my chest.

“Mako . . . ,” I whispered, placing my hand in hers.

She was my first friend here, and I could never ask for anyone else. Now we stood here, side by side, waiting for the rebellion to begin. Having her next to me at this very moment helped me stay in control.

What we were about to do would change everything.

Lily noticed my stare, returning it with a smile. Her amber eyes reflected her unease but also showed a glimpse of her determination.

Her warm hand grasped mine, squeezing lightly.

“We’re going to be just fine. Lark promised. They already scouted the tunnel twice. We’ll be safe soon enough. The adults will take care of it,” she explained. I nodded in response.

Lily was mature for ten cycles and had participated in the planning of this mission. Being the only phoenix shifter, wielding the element of fire at her fingertips, she was an important asset in case trouble occurred. I simply had to trust her judgement.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t capable of things either. I was currently the strongest in our category, more so than even Lily. I was eight cycles and carrying both a demon and angel spirit, which made me an extraordinary case.

The Starlight Gods, our divine protectors, blessed us shifters with a spirit at birth, some stronger than others. If you were given two shifter spirits, you were beyond blessed. An individual carrying three spirits was extremely rare. There was yet to be anyone on record with more than three spirits.