Emblazed Darkness (The Zeita Chronicles #3) Read Online Embry Fox

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In the darkness, there is light.

Hard roads are upon us, and it’s worse than anything we’ve ever seen.
I’m distraught. I feel like a piece of my soul has been ripped out of me, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m lost in the fallout of my heart-wrenching decision and searching for forgiveness knowing my child is now safe. Will my mates and I ever forgive ourselves?

My magic is failing me. It’s unpredictable and rampant. All I know is that it can’t get worse, only better…I hope. I just have to train harder, push myself more diligently, and be the best I can be. I’m just worried my best isn’t good enough.
Time is running out for both of us and for the world. We need to find our strengths together again, or the Darkness may finally descend and ruin us all.

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It has only been a few months, but my daughters have grown so much. Sage has blossomed with her powers and become even more powerful than we ever thought possible. She still has much to learn, but we never thought she and her mates would beat us in a fight just yet, but they had to go and prove us wrong. Summit now has a child of her own while caring for a young phoenix child and becoming Queen of Hell, also none of which we thought she would be facing so soon. That’s our girls, though–always determined to prove us wrong.

I hope they are ready for the fight that is to come. Velnias is getting more powerful and has more allies than we originally believed. The final battle is now inevitable, and is going to be bloody. Lives will be lost, I just hope it will all be worth it. Not only our world but the human world, all realms, are at stake. If Velnias has his way, he will take over Earth and continue to spread his power to other realms. It’s something that can never be allowed to happen. If my mate, my brothers, and I have to give our lives to defeat him, he will. It will be worth the cost.

Looking out the window, I watch my three girls training in their magic. Sage has been learning to control her fire power with a lot of assistance from Phoenix. Summit is working closely with Magnus to harness her fire magic as well. Sarah, oh my sweet girl, is working alongside her mate attempting to learn to harness some of his magic. Her mate, Hades, has it in his head that she should be able to summon Cerberus to her as well as raise the dead. It will be interesting to see if she can actually accomplish that in time. From my position here in Magnus’ office, I can see just how much Sarah is holding back. She’s scared and rightfully so. If Hades were to figure out her secret, the truth about her blood and Goddess heritage, he could potentially use that against her or see if he could harness the power himself, neither of which can be an option in this fight.

“Marcus?” Eden tentatively calls out as her arms wrap around my middle.

“Good morning, My Love.” I lift my right arm allowing her to move beside me and nestle into my side as I wrap my arm around her.

“What are you thinking about so intently? I know that look. It’s your doom and gloom look.” I can feel her eyes on me as I continue to watch our daughters. Sarah is getting angry, Summit is holding a small flame in her hand, and Sage has a small fire tornado moving nearby.

“Velnias, the battle, our daughters' futures,” I answer, my voice rough, giving away just how on edge I am.

“Our daughters will be ready. All of us will make sure of it. Velnias will not succeed in getting what he wants.” Eden grips my waist tighter. “We will win.”

I can hear the conviction in her voice, and yet, I’m not sure she is right. Not yet. The girls are nowhere near ready to face the God of Darkness. He would wipe them out with a flick of his wrist.

“I feel the darkness too, Marcus.” Eden whispers so softly I would have missed it if I wasn’t a wolf. “Something is brewing. I have a feeling our girls are going to have a lot more they will need to face before the final battle. I wish I knew what was coming our way, but I can’t figure it out.”

“That’s exactly what’s bothering me.” I sigh and look down at my mate. “There is a darkness hovering over all three of our girls. I want to protect them, but I have no idea how.” My voice breaks at the end as I finally voice my fear.