End Game (Wicked Game #3) Read Online Michelle St. James

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Nick Murphy has put it all on the line for Alexa Nash.

Falling in love was never in the playbook, but now that Nick has Alexa, he’ll do anything to protect her. First on the list: destroying the Walker family for what they did to Alexa when she was a teenager. Second: convincing Alexa it doesn’t matter if they can’t have children — because she is everything to him.

Alexa Nash has either lost everything or found her way home.

After quitting her job at the Attorney General’s office, Alexa is all in with Nick Murphy and the family business. Determined to destroy Leland before the election, she puts her legal knowledge to work alongside the Murphy brothers’ more controversial methods, trying not to ask herself difficult questions about the slippery moral slope.

But as Alexa attempts to adjust to life in the Murphy house, she must confront a terrible loss and the question of whether it’s really possible to heal with Nick. Then the Walkers deploy their wealth and power in an all-out war against the Murphys and the family has no choice but to respond in kind — forcing Alexa to consider the possibility that she may not live long enough to answer the question at all



Nick Murphy stared at the television, not wanting to believe what he was seeing: a picture of Leland Walker with a checkmark next to it announcing him as the projected winner of Massachusetts’ contested Senate seat.

“I don’t fucking believe it,” his brother Declan said, getting up from the sofa to join Nick.

Believe it.

He didn’t bother saying it. He knew what Declan meant. It didn’t matter that all the polls leading up to the election had pointed to Leland as the likely winner. Deep down Nick had thought some kind of magic might occur, that the universe would realize Leland was a violent criminal hiding behind the shiny facade of a preppy Boston blue blood. Deep down he’d believed the election would be decided in favor of Leland’s opponent, a cosmic righting of wrongs that had so far eluded Nick — at least when it came to Leland Walker.

He reached for Alexa’s hand and found it cold and clammy. “I’m sorry.”

The words were inadequate, but he’d said all the other ones so many times they’d started to sound trite.

We’ll get him.

We’ll make him pay.

It’s only a matter of time.

He can’t escape justice forever.

After months of digging for new ways to bring down the man who’d crashed into Alexa and her best friend on a dark highway twelve years earlier, a man who’d left them to die, whose family had paid off the police to keep the investigation short and ultimately unsolved, Nick wasn’t sure he believed it.

Alexa’s best friend Samantha had died that night, and Alexa had barely escaped the same fate. It had taken her years of surgeries and physical therapy to come out the other side, and she was far from unscathed.

Alexa took a deep breath. “We knew this would happen.”

“It still sucks.” Declan’s eyes — the same blue as the rest of the Murphy clan except for Nick, who had their mother’s green eyes — flashed as he ran a hand through his dark hair.

“I second that,” Julia said, rising from the sofa.

She handed the baby in her arms, three-month-old John Thomas, to Ronan, taking a few seconds to remove her dark blond hair from the baby’s tiny fingers. Ronan’s dog Chief whined from her cushion on the floor, eying the baby with concern.

“Relax,” Julia said gently, dropping a hand to pet the top of Chief’s head before crossing the room to give Alexa a hug. “Can I get you some tea? Something stronger?”

Alexa smiled, but Nick could tell that it was forced. “Tempting, but no thanks.”

“I’d join you if I could.” Julia was breastfeeding John Thomas and never had more than a little wine with dinner. “Tea is a distant second, but it’s better than nothing.”

“I’ll take some tea,” Elise said, following her sister into the kitchen. She looked sympathetically at Alexa. “We’ll fill the kettle in case you change your mind.”

Nick felt a rush of gratitude as she walked past them to the kitchen. Alexa had had no choice but to move into the Murphy house after the siege on the hotel that had almost killed her and Nick last summer. She’d been grateful for the offer — there was no place safer until they finished the business with the Walker family — but Nick knew she’d been nervous too.

Nick had lived with his brothers, Ronan and Declan, for years, ever since they’d started Murphy Intelligence and Security. It had been a way to make sure they had a secure place to talk outside of the office, one that was swept regularly for surveillance devices and that could be locked down under a state-of-the-art alarm system, necessary given the nature of their business.