Fae Destiny (Fate of the Fae #3) Read Online Vera Rivers

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I’ll either save my kingdom or destroy it.
I rule by my mate’s side, but I’m an integral part of a prophecy that threatens us all.
My power is still a mystery that I must unravel to save the kingdom.
Cloaked with magic and determined to protect the ones I love, I travel to enemy territory to find my answers.
But the enemy captures me before I complete my mission.
In the squalor of the dungeon, I discover secrets about my past that will help my kingdom regain peace.
I must make the ultimate sacrifice to save my kingdom and my mate. I must fulfill the prophecy.
I’m forced to face my destiny.

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The crowd of Fae roared as the hovercraft drew closer to Ebonhall. By the time we lowered into the square, countless Fae all around us cheered and cried out.

“Your Highnesses.” A Fae female stood by the door to the hovercraft when it opened and bowed deeply. She wore a deep purple dress, and her light hair glistened like silk in the sun. “We’re so pleased to welcome you to our city.”

“Thank you, Amaria,” Ren said and took her hand in his.

She curtsied again before she retrieved her hand and looked at me.

“I trust you’ll be very comfortable here. We’ve arranged a banquet for you.”

We stepped from the hovercraft with six the most trusted members of Jasfin’s elite guard, including Dex and Zita. They were a sight to behold dressed in the black leathers embroidered with silver that all members of the elite guard wore.

The crowd went wild.

Ren waved at them. He looked comfortable in his own skin, happy to be among his citizens. He wore a golden cloak, a bejeweled livery collar, and a crown on his head. My dress was the same color as his cloak, and I wore a smaller crown that was embellished with jewels.

We were the King and Queen of Jasfin.

Most days, I couldn’t believe that I was a queen—especially when we went on tours like this through the kingdom to show our faces, to meet with our citizens. Since I officially became queen, our faces had been on the cover of every holo-magazine in the country, and we had done interviews for multiple media outlets.

Ren believed the kingdom needed to know us. We couldn’t hide out in the palace, a royal family so distanced from our citizens that they didn’t even know what we looked like.

Dex, who was the leader of the elite guard, flanked Ren, and the others walked around us in a square formation, making sure we were safe. Zita was one of the warriors in the King’s elite guard, and she’d been there for me to spar with, to learn from, and to confide in. She’d combed her short blonde hair to the side and gave me a quick smile. She enjoyed these visits to the different cities as much as I did.

“They love him,” I said to Zita.

She shook her head. “They’re not losing their minds because of him, Your Highness.”

I glanced at her. The guards insisted on using my title when they addressed me in public. It was strange hearing Zita talk to me like that when, at home, we were friends, and we did away with formalities.

“This is all because you’re here,” Zita added. “They love you.”

I looked around me again, and I paid attention to the cries and calls.

“Queen Eleanor! Over here!”

“Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!”

Their chanting came together in a roar, and my chest tightened. They loved me?

Ren turned to me and smiled. He held out his hand, and when I took it, the crowd cheered with approval. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckles.

They would host the banquet in an old parliament building. The old stone and the wooden doors were slivered, the building’s style gothic like Nylah’s cathedral, and the windowpanes were thick and warped with age.

When we stepped through the door, the roar of the crowds died down.

“If you’ll wait here,” Amaria said and led us into a living room with velvet couches arranged in an intimate circle and a fire crackling in a hearth so large, I could stand upright in it if I wanted to. “We’ll be with you shortly.”

She disappeared, and the guards fell back to the edges of the room, keeping watch from their posts against the wall.

Ren pulled me closer to him, near the fireplace.

“This tour has been so successful,” he said.

I nodded. “I can’t believe they’ve received me so well. I thought they would hate me.”

Ren shook his head. “They know you’re special. Being open and honest with the Fae of Jasfin about Lucia and her parents trying to take control of the kingdom was the best thing we could have done. The Fae of Jasfin no longer see you as a threat, but instead, they see you as a queen who is worthy to rule by my side. You’re my mate, my everything.”