Fang’s Enlightenment (Tenillo Guardians AIMC #9) Read Online Ciara St James

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Things refuse to quiet down around Tenillo for Fang and his club, the Ares Infidels MC. No matter how many bad guys they bring to justice, they find there are more in need of their kind of vigilantism. For Fang, that’s alright by him. He joins the Ares Infidels to be part of a brotherhood that’s bigger than just him and his club brothers. He joins to have a bigger family. He’s thankful that he listened all those months ago to his Marine buddy, Pitbull, and came to check the club out.
The only thing that makes it better is when he stops along the road one evening to help a couple of stranded ladies. One of them is a beautiful young woman who takes his breath away. One who he only gets the name Cami from, then she’s gone. He has no idea who she is or how to find her again, and it grates on him. He’s convinced she just might be the one woman meant to be his for the rest of his life, just like what so many of his brothers have found, true love.
A chance meeting while being a good Samaritan left Cami unable to forget the sexy tattooed biker she met. A man who is nothing like any man she’s ever been with before. She knows he’s not the man for her, but boy, she can wish. A second chance meeting brings these two together in an unexpected way. That second meeting begins a journey they’ll have to navigate together. One filled with questions, danger, hidden truths, possible betrayal, and so much more.
In the end, will Fang and his Cami be together or will one of Tenillo’s secrets be the end of them? Is the perceived betrayal real? Has Fang trusted the wrong person and thus betrayed his club? It’s time for Fang’s Enlightenment to occur and expose more evil to the light.

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Cami: Chapter 1

The cool evening air felt good on my face. After the day I had at work, I needed it to blow away the stress. This new drug I was working on was driving me insane. What had I been thinking when I went to college to become a molecular chemist? Oh yeah, that I’d be working on lifesaving drugs that would make a difference in the world. A noble thought and one I still believed in, but some days, it didn’t seem like I was accomplishing anything even close to noble or lifesaving. My love of science had lured me into a very frustrating field.

To be honest, I expected the drugs themselves to give me trouble. That was the nature of the beast. You had to work things over and over before you might have a breakthrough and help create a new drug. It might be one that fights a disease or, if I was lucky, one that would save people’s lives. You always ran into obstacles and dead ends. If that was all that it was, I probably wouldn’t be this stressed. However, that wasn’t my life. Add to that a coworker who was a pain in the ass and you had the perfect recipe for a nervous breakdown or a fight. I was debating if I should beat his ass and get it over with. Being nice hadn’t deterred him.

Langdon thought that he was the Casanova of the lab. Partially, that was due to the fact he was attractive and almost all the women panted after him and would do almost anything to be with him. He used that to get into their pants. He wasn’t interested in anything more than making notches on his headboard, but they didn’t seem to figure that out, or maybe they didn’t care. That held zero interest for me, therefore, he held no interest for me. Something Langdon couldn’t understand or deal with.

Today was the twenty-first time he asked me to go out. He came in with his car salesman’s smile and a bunch of flowers. He thought that would finally be what persuaded me to say yes to going out with him. It hadn’t. After I told him no, he’d sulked all day and kept interrupting my work to pester me about why I wouldn’t. By the time it was quitting time, he’d used up my last nerve. I told him to leave me the hell alone, that I wasn’t going to change my mind. He stood there stunned and pissed as I pulled out of the parking lot. He’d followed me out to my car, arguing his case of why we’d make the perfect couple.

I cranked up the music, letting the heavy beat fill my car. I was headed for a drive outside of town. I was hoping it would help me calm down. As I left the town-limit sign behind, the tension in my neck eased. The buildings became fewer and farther between and the countryside caught my attention.