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When artist, Lena, decides to move to Lake Conrad, she’s looking for inspiration for her art in a place far away from expectations that she settle down with a nine-to-five job in a boring, gray cubicle.
Picturesque Lake Conrad has everything she could want in her life: beauty, nature, and her best friend. Unfortunately, it also has the one thing she does not want in her life—Jake.
Jake, a natural athlete, thrives on adrenaline and speed. His life in Lake Conrad is perfect until she enters the picture. He’d hoped he’d lost her for good after her disastrous visit last summer, but she’s back, and she’s staying.
When Lena is left stranded after a disastrous hike and Jake swoops in for the rescue, will they finally be able to put the past behind them for good?

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Chapter 1

“Seriously though, I need to know what happened to you to make you such a judgmental jerk.”

Jake came to an abrupt stop and turned around quickly. Lena didn’t stop fast enough though, and her small, soft body crashed into his chest. He hissed in a deep breath, and glared down at her.

“Oof.” An ungraceful sound escaped her lips as she stepped back and glared up at him accusingly from an inch or two below his chin. “You did that on purpose.” She held herself tense as her eyes narrowed into sharp daggers.

Jake’s first instinct was to apologize and make sure she was okay. But he resisted that bit of insanity, fixing a smirk on his face as he looked down at her dismissively.

She was short and slight, and wearing the dumbest clothes he had ever seen worn on a hike. A purple “romper”, as she’d called it, and white tennis shoes. One day into their backpacking trip and her shoes—along with the rest of her—were covered in smudges and dirt.

Hell, her clothes shouldn’t even matter…but they did, because they were impractical. Practicality and comfort should be the first and foremost considerations taken when hiking and camping. But her clothes didn’t bother him as much as the fact that she filled her perfectly adequate backpack with painting supplies…no mess kit, no water bottle, no pad or sleeping bag to sleep on. She just figured those things would be waiting for her in the woods? That some kind of magical, fairy godmother looking out for every one of Lena's damn needs would magically feed and hydrate her out here?

If there was such a person, it was her friend, Annie, who had cheerfully shared all of her hiking and camping supplies with Lena, and waved off her friend’s ineptitude as charming and hilarious.

Jake had been able to keep his mouth shut for much of the overnight trip that he’d embarked on yesterday with Annie, Lena, and their friends, Ian and Morgan. When he’d caught her trying to stop for a painting break, he couldn’t help but mention that there was no painting in hiking—a la Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own—which had elicited the current request for more information on why he was such a judgmental jerk.

“Look Helena, we’ve just gotta finish this hike. Then, you can go get a manicure, paint a pretty picture, and eat some bon bons or something. But for now, kindly shut up and leave me alone.”

Her face worked itself through a torrent of emotions and unsaid words. “Leave you alone?” she asked incredulously. “You’ve done nothing but make snide comments about me since I met you.” She looked around wildly. “Annie, I told you we should have just done this by ourselves.”

Jake turned his head to the left where Lena had directed her statement. Annie, Morgan, and Ian stood off to the side of the path, watching Jake and Lena argue, with various looks on their faces—mostly of the blank, confused, or exasperated variety. Morgan had dropped down to sit on a rock and take a drag of her water bottle. Rolling her eyes, she groaned loudly, “Come on guys.”

Annie opened her mouth to say something, but didn’t have a chance to get any words out before Jake let out an exhausted groan. “By yourself? You’d be dead or lost, wandering around the woods covered in paint.”

“I’d have Annie with me, and we wouldn’t have to deal with you, would we? Sounds pretty great to me.”

Jake shook his head and rolled his eyes as he turned to keep walking up the path. “Let’s just get this over with. Let me tell you, this has been a real treat, Helena. I’d love to do it again someday, but unfortunately, you’re soon to leave and never return.”

“Actually, I’m moving here. I’m moving to Lake Conrad, so you’d better get used to me.”

He stopped again, turning around slowly to look back at her. She hadn’t moved from where he’d left her, so she didn’t crash into him this time. Her dirt-smudged, exhausted face held a look of stubborn challenge.