Finding Her Tempo (Rock My World) Read Online Jessa Joy

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Will this rock star with a secret find love with his much younger employee when they’re stuck together on tour?

I’d heard all the rumors about Byron Branwell.
But nothing could prepare me for meeting this rock god in the flesh.
Our chemistry is off the charts now we’re on the road.
I don’t want to ruin my reputation but my new boss is making it hard.
When he reveals his big secret will it change my mind?

I’ve never met a girl like Demi before.
She’s headstrong, direct and way too young for me.
But she’s incredibly gorgeous and I can’t get her out of my head.
She thinks I’m like all the other rock stars she’s met.
How can I prove to her that I’m playing for keeps?


Your favorite steamy romance authors are giving you a peek into the lives of fourteen sexy couples who will Rock Your World.
Wicked talented, sometimes flawed, and too naughty for their own good, our larger-than-life rock stars know how to show their fans a good time. Music and romance go hand-in-hand, and love comes easy…but will it stay?
Grab your backstage pass and watch true love tame the wildest hearts around.

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Chapter One


My phone is buzzing under my pillow like an angry bee. Eyes still fuzzy with sleep, I grab it and raise it in the general direction of my ear.

“Demi, you there? I’m sorry, I know it’s still morning in England.” Marina’s voice is sweet, as always, but even in my half-awake state, it’s clear to me that she’s stressed.

“I’m here. I’m awake. Kind of…” I stifle a yawn. This is the first blissful morning of uninterrupted sleep I’ve had since getting back from Milan late last night. I fantasized about being left to my own devices every day of the Parker job, with its five a.m. start times, difficult colleagues and stressful situations.

Marina clears her throat. “Look, I have one of those above and beyond kinds of requests.”

“I’m listening.” I groan inwardly as I sit up, blinking a few times.

“I want you to know that I’m calling you first because you’ve got experience in this area. And I wouldn’t trust anyone else, quite frankly.” Marina sighs.

“Okay, you’ve got me intrigued now.” I get out of bed and walk down the hallway to the kitchen to make some coffee. Whatever Marina’s about to ask me will be impossible without the benefit of caffeine. Dad bought me one of those signs that says “Coffee spelt backwards is Eeffoc, and I don’t give Eeffoc until I’ve had my coffee!” If I had a life motto, this might be it.

“Our set production manager has quit this really prestigious job, leaving us in the lurch. He fell in love with a showjumping champion and realized he had to be with her, just as the job was about to start. On his way to see her, he had a car accident and ended up with a broken leg and concussion. He got his happy ending, since she flew to look after him in hospital. Anyway, I’m rambling. I know you have experience in this area, so…” Her voice trails off.

I stir some sugar into my cup. I’d managed to get home just in time for a freak cold spell in London right in the middle of August. In Milan it was sunny and beautiful every day, but I was working so hard I didn’t get to appreciate the weather.

I take a big sip. “What area, Marina?”

“Tours. Bands. Rock and roll.”

I roll my eyes and curse myself for blabbering about my past life to her at the Christmas party last year. “That feels like a long time ago.”

“Well, since Winter Ventures only started its production arm so recently, we don’t have a lot of people with your valuable skills. The band’s manager is adamant that it’s our problem and we need to fix it.” She sighs again.

“The band?” I take another sip. After a month of luxurious hotels, my kitchen is toy-size and freezing cold.

“Killer Zero.”

“You’re kidding? They’re…huge.” I’m awake, even though it usually takes me a couple of cups of coffee to reach full alertness. Lead singer Byron Branwell is tall, dark, handsome and one of the biggest names in the music world. Even though I’m over rock stars, there’s something about him that’s compelling.

“Davide was so excited to work with them, which makes this sudden departure even more frustrating. All the sets are built and ready to go, they just need to be supervised and tweaked according to the venue. I remembered you had tour experience and since you mentioned about your ex…”

Shit. Double shit.

I laugh to cover up the little flame of annoyance that surfaces when someone mentions my ex-boyfriend Hugo. “I knew those snowball cocktails were a bad idea, Marina. I mean, I loved hearing about how you and Maxim got together in Sardinia…”

“And your tales about traveling the world with Sonic Bunny were so good. How you started out in set production on those small venues and scaled up with the band as they got bigger and bigger? Now that’s learning on the job, Demi. Although that Hugo character sounded like a total asshole in the end, if you don’t mind me saying. I can’t believe he left you in Tokyo like that, you must hate him?”