Flirt Like a Nerd (How to Flirt) Read Online Poppy Parkes

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How do two video game geeks fall in love? By flirting like nerds, of course!
Curvy gamer journalist Thalia is on quest to track down a rare video game that’s eluded her since childhood.
Streamer and gaming store manager Winston loves his life in the city, but itching for someone to share it with.
When fate brings them together, it’s love at first sight — for Winston.
But does Thalia feel the same? And even if she does, does he have the swoonworthy skills to make her his?
There’s only one thing for it — he’s going to have to flirt like a nerd to win her heart.

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My breath hitches.

My heart’s pounding in my throat.

I lean closer to the computer screen, feeling beads of lustful sweat blossom on my forehead beneath my dyed-pink hair.

Lustful nerd sweat, that is. Because all of my geeky dreams seem to be coming true.

If what I’m reading on this gamer forum is correct, then it’s possible that I could get my hot little hands on a copy of my favorite vintage video gamer by tonight.

It’s almost too good to be true. I’m not sure I dare to trust it. I’ve been searching for a copy of Super Sunshine Sisters for so long, and I’ve had my heart broken too many times.

But I also can’t give up hope.

If somebody says they’ve seen a rare copy of my holy grail of vintage video game collecting, then I’ve got to at least go and check it out.

Especially since it’s been spied at a gaming store in my own city.

There’s no time to waste.

I spin in my computer chair — stitched with a Legend of Zelda logo, of course — slide into some shoes, grab my bag, and practically sprint out the door of my apartment. A few fevered moments later, I’m riding the bus to Bandwidth, praying that the game cartridge doesn’t get snapped up before I get there.

Computer and video gaming isn’t just my passion, it’s also my career. I’m a staff writer for GamerLife, a gaming magazine and website. Which means that my work is flexible enough to drop everything in service of my favorite hobby — collecting vintage gaming cartridges.

Okay, maybe second favorite hobby. I’m not sure that anything beats out actually playing games.

I’ve got a respectable collection, mostly O.G. original cartridges of games released in the ‘80s and ‘90s. I never thought that the games that I grew up on would so quickly become designated as vintage, but here we are. I’m thirty-six-years-old and already old school.

But I wear that as a badge of honor, because old school games kick ass.

None of them kick more ass than Super Sunshine Sisters, though. Not in my opinion.

S.S.S. is a game where you play as one of two sisters. The sisters grow gardens and stomp killer bugs, fight sentient weed monsters, and solve puzzles to change the weather to what the garden needs. It’s a really rare and pretty unknown game with a cult following.

It’s my favorite. I’m still kicking myself that I let my little brother borrow my copy when we were kids, only to have him ruin it when he spilled orange juice on it.

But now, after all these years, I’m about to rewrite my Sunshine-less history by snagging one of the few cartridges that were ever produced. And I won’t be letting anyone spill anything on it, thankyouverymuch.

In fact, I’m not sure I’ll let anyone else even play it. It’s too special, too rare.

Squinting out the bus window at the buildings of my small city that are streaming by, I sit up straighter in my seat. My stop is coming up fast, and I’m in a hurry.

Heart dancing against my ribs, I try to bite back my red-lipsticked grin of anticipation, and completely fail.


“No, Mom,” I sigh into my cell phone. “I haven’t met ‘the one’ yet.”

Ana, owner of Bandwidth and therefore my boss, meets my eyes from across the store and shakes her head in bewilderment before disappearing into the back room.

I know, I mouth back, shaking my head. At least my mother didn’t call on the store line this time.

I barely catch the end of what she’s saying. “Of course I’m putting myself out there,” I reply through gritted teeth, adjusting my dark-rimmed glasses in exasperation.

She says something about how she’s always wanted to be a young, cool grandmother, and that I’m in my mid-thirties and my sperm aren’t getting any stronger.

I’ve had enough. “Thanks for the advice, Mom.” I’m sure she misses the sarcasm dripping from every syllable. “Gotta go, I’m at work.”

I hit the end button before I can hear her familiar refrain about why I’m only assistant manager at Bandwidth and not head manager — answer: because Ana is the head manager and also the owner so unless she sells me the store, I can’t rise in the ranks any higher — and anyway don’t I think it’s time to move on to a real job?