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Meet Francesco DeLuca, a gangster in the streets of Boston. Killer of enemies and notorious lover between the sheets.
He’s hot, intense, and always gets what he wants.
Anais hates Francesco with a vengeance. He took away the only man she’s ever loved.
Now she wants to take him down.
To take away his power. To bring him to his knees.
But unknowingly to Anais, his knees are where Francesco doesn’t mind being… when it has to do with a beautiful woman… thighs spread wide.
There is love, and some try to deny that kind of love. The type of love that is as intense as crashing waves. It creates an attraction that some will try to fight. The kind of love that resonates even through hatred.
Through the brewing storm, who will come out alive?

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Isabella Russo, my lover of the moment, stood before me in my bedroom. I knew she wanted more than I was willing to give her, but she came here for me to fuck her, and I won’t disappoint.

“Bella,” I said, removing her clinging arm from my neck. “Strip and get on the bed.”

I walked over to grab my tumbler, turned up the shot of grappa I had poured earlier and left it on the table. I swiped the back of my hand across my lips and reached to remove the tie around my neck. Isabella stretched out atop the large bed in a sexy pose while she watched me disrobe.

I took my time placing my clothes neatly across the back of a chair before making my way over to the bed.

“I want you so bad, Cesco.” Isabella licked her lips as her eyes strayed to my ten-inch cock.

“Then you shall have me.” I got on the bed and hovered over Isabella’s bare body. I kissed my way down her soft flesh, stopping to pay extra attention to her breasts before trailing my tongue down her stomach. Then I made a beeline for the slickness between her thighs.

One of the most sumptuous delicacies in the universe was eating pussy.

I loved its taste, the wetness of it-- the aroma.

I parted her thighs, placing my hands on them to position her just like I wanted.

“Oh yes, Francesco,” Isabella crooned at the first swipe of my tongue against her clit.

Isabella arched closer to my mouth, her fingers tangled in my thick black hair. I sucked her sensitive nub between my lips and tantalized it with my tongue.

Slowly, I worked first one, then two fingers into her wetness, stretching her open for my big cock.

“Oh my God! I’m going to come!” Isabella shouted.

I continued to lick, nibble and twirl my tongue inside her core. The vibrations of her orgasm shook through her body.

“I love you, Cisco,” Isabella cried out in passion.

I stopped mid-lick and got off the bed. My eyes narrowed as Isabella sat up on the bed, her mouth gaped open, and her hand covered her mouth as if to stop her words belatedly.

“Love! You think that this,” I pointed a finger between us… “constitutes as love?”

Now this was the part I hated, I could never really be satisfied inside my soul no matter how much I had sex. It was as though there was some form of sexual void that no one could really meet. Isabella had been the only one who could attempt giving me a little bit of pleasure, but it still wasn’t enough.

“I’m sorry, Francesco! I didn’t mean to say that, I swear!”

“Don’t ever fucking say you love me again or this little arrangement between us is dead in the water. Capisce?”

Isabella nodded, and fear entered her eyes.

“On your knees now, bitch.”

Isabella wasted no time in following my demand. I didn’t want to look at her when I fucked her.

I walked over to my slacks and retrieved a condom from my pocket. I ripped the packet open with my teeth then slicked it on before climbing back onto the bed.

“Head down. Ass up.” I slapped a palm across her soft ass cheek.

“Umm,” she moaned, and I smacked the other one.

I prided myself against her entrance and slid inside her wet core. Finally, with a growl, I slid into the hilt.

“Yes!” Isabella moaned as I hammered inside her.

Sweat slicked down my back, and I reached between Bella’s thighs to rub her clit with my fingers. My shaft throbbed the harder I slammed against her body.

My hand slid down across Isabella’s spine as I clutched onto her dark mane, pulling her back to meet my thrust.

“Ohh, Cesco!” she gasped.

I ignored the more than annoying nickname she had chosen to stick with and focused on the amazing feeling I got from my cock sliding in and out of her warm heat. Sex was a high for me in the moment but afterwards it felt like something was missing. Even though I absolutely loved having sex, I craved to make love. But I never found the woman that deserved to be made love to. None of the women I’d been with met my approval but I never left them unsatisfied—in any way.