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“You’re so submissive, some lucky alien is just going to carry you off like ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane.’”

Theo isn’t expecting much when he gets invited to make some new friends and possibly find himself a mate. He knows if he’s lucky, he’ll have a nice dinner and only come across as slightly awkward. But the one thing he isn’t counting on is meeting the Dom of his dreams right before hitting the floor.

When a cutie with confidence issues meets an adorably awkward Dom, they’ll learn that sometimes you have to find your mate to find yourself.

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Author’s You do not need to have read books two through four in this series to enjoy this one, but this book will make much more sense if you have at least read book one.

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Chapter 1

“I’m not…are you sure this is a good idea?” Smart people could talk people into stupid shit and I was afraid I’d ended up in one of those situations.

Nicholas snorted and rolled his eyes. “Yes.”

He was so helpful.

His partner on the other hand tried to be helpful and patted my head with one of his smaller tentacles, even though it made him feel weird to touch someone else because of the mating bond. “You are a submissive human with a preference for tentacles instead of arms. You will be highly sought after for conversation or pleasure.”

I’d worked with him long enough to know what that translated into…

Don’t worry. You like tentacles so at the very least someone is going to feel you up.

Sadly, that would’ve been the best date I’d experienced in a very long time. “Thanks, Larry.”

We should never have sent the Three Stooges into space.

“You’re hot. You’re so submissive you’re going to ask someone what you should pick for dinner. And you’re turned on by them, not creeped out. You have nothing to worry about.” Nicholas glared at me, looking a lot like he did when I saw him at work. “But you’re going to anyway.”


How he was a submissive I’d never know, but his mate wasn’t human and was perfectly convinced of Nicholas’s submission, so I didn’t question it.

“Um, you said it was a steakhouse. I don’t go to those kinds of places on a regular basis so you’re going to have to help me pick out something good.” Even working for a big research university, janitors didn’t get paid shit.


No. I had to focus.

Aliens wouldn’t want scattered-brained subs any more than the human kind of Doms did.

Evidently getting easily distracted during a scene was rude.

Nicholas glared at me before sighing and losing some of his frustration. “You’re so submissive, some lucky alien is just going to carry you off like ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane.’”

Was that supposed to be a bad thing?

“Yes, please.” Hiding that desire seemed counterproductive since I was going to a meet-and-greet for aliens and humans to mix.

Nicholas didn’t seem to know what to say to me but he didn’t have that problem with his mate. “What are you so happy about?”

Larry puffed up and looked like he’d just made a discovery in the lab. “Our human will be highly superior than the others that are brought. He is exceedingly submissive and eager to mate.”

It sounded like he thought they were bringing the best dessert at a potluck…but I was the dessert.


Nicholas threw his head back and laughed which just made Larry even more pleased about the whole situation. They were both so distracting I forgot to be embarrassed about the dessert comparison.

I was no peach cobbler, no matter how good my ass looked…but I appreciated the compliment.

Finally getting his laughter under control, Nicholas nodded. “You’re badass, baby. He’s going to be the best. You’re right.”

Evidently the highly competitive thing wasn’t just about scientific discoveries and Monopoly.

“I have also been told by several students and faculty that he is attractive by human beauty standards as well. That will place him on a higher social standing with other humans. They will see his physical shape as something to envy.” Larry had an excitable, humans are fascinating tone to his voice that was making his mate snicker again.

“Oh yeah.” Nicholas sent me a teasing leer that had me finally remembering how to blush and how insane the conversation had gotten. “He’s a hottie. We’re definitely bringing the best human.”

They were ridiculous.

There were going to be a ton of humans with better jobs, more money, more interesting lives, and countless other things. Hell, there were going to be humans in there who could pick their dinner and kneel quietly without starting to plan what they were going to clean first at work the next day.

Scientists were a mess.

“You guys have lost your minds, but I still appreciate being asked to come.” It wasn’t every day that I got asked to go to a humans and aliens mixer.

Nicholas rolled his eyes again, seeing right through me. “They won’t care what you do for a living, and if you get wiggly, they’ll just wrap you up in a tentacle. You’re worrying over nothing.”

Giving me a stern glare like he sometimes gave his boss, he was looking at me like I was a student who’d asked a stupid question. “I’m only going to say this one more time. They’re aliens. Duh.”

He was such a pain in the ass.

But he was a smart pain in the ass and he knew single aliens and was happy to share…so I was going to be polite.


Lying was always acceptable when people were being ridiculous, but his groan said he’d seen right through it. “Inside, before I kill you and we lose out on bringing the best human because I have to bury your body.”