Hunter’s Target (Hating You Duet #1) Read Online West Greene

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New school. New Hell.
Samuel just wanted to complete his final year of school at a Hell he understood.
But when he’s forced to move, he knows it’s going to be worse. He just doesn’t know how worse it’s going to get.
Not only has he become the target of the football star recently released from jail, but Samuel’s also about to realize that things at home are about to get ten times harder.
But if there’s one thing Samuel’s good at, it’s fighting. And he’ll fight back until he literally can’t fight anymore.

*This book is part one of a duet. Ends in a cliffhanger.*
**Trigger warnings: bully romance, homophobic parents and peers, bullying, emotional abuse




If there was one thing in this world that I hated more than my family, it was change.

I couldn’t stand change.

So, imagine how fucking ecstatic I was to be starting a new fucking school during my senior year. I’d lived in the same neighborhood and the same city all my life. But Mom got a better job offer here in a smaller city, and of course, my entire family packed up and moved here. Dad could work anywhere—woop-dee-fucking-doo—so when to move wasn’t even up for question.

Of course, my older brother was asked if he was okay with moving, but not me.

No one gave a fuck about me, and honestly, I no longer gave a fuck about them either.

Life had been fucking great five years ago. It had been fucking fantastic until I realized I wasn’t attracted to girls. When I’d come out to my family, thinking they would support me, the exact opposite had happened.

They’d shunned me. And my shithole of an older brother spread it around school, placing me as an outcast.

I was used to all of that, so to be starting a new fucking school during my senior year . . . well, it had my goddamn skin crawling. I was used to the bullies back at Brentwood. I could deal with them.

The people here? I didn’t know them. I couldn’t prepare myself for their attacks. And believe me, I wasn’t stupid. I knew there would be attacks. You weren’t the ‘queer’ kid without someone talking shit about you.

“Wish I could be there to see your first day go to shit,” my brother remarked as I came down the stairs. I rolled my eyes, not even bothering to respond. I just grabbed my boots out of the closet behind the front door. After yanking them on my feet, I knelt to lace them up.

Brad, my older brother of two years, was a high school graduate—barely. He refused to do anything with his life, and Mom and Dad seemed all too willing to take care of him. He didn’t even have a job before we moved, and I knew that wasn’t going to change now. All he did was party, get high, and drink. I was pretty fucking sure he hadn’t even been to bed yet.

It was the only reason he’d be up at seven-fifteen A.M.

I shouldered my bag and walked out of the house, shutting the door behind me, making sure I was quiet as I did so. My parents would never get angry at Brad, but they sure as fuck would get pissed with me if I shut the door too loudly and woke them up before they were ready to be up.

I made it to school fifteen minutes before the bell was scheduled to ring for first period. When I pushed open the door to the front office, the smell of cinnamon and apples hit me straight in the nose, making me feel sick to my stomach. I hated strong smells, even ones that smelled good. I was more than ready to get the fuck back out in the hallway where I could damn breathe.

“I’m Samuel Radcliffe. I’m here to pick up my schedule and get my locker information.”

The receptionist looked up at me. She was an older lady, probably in her fifties or sixties. Her hair was dyed blonde, and it looked so dry that I was scared it was going to disintegrate into dust when she tucked it behind her ear.

“I’m sorry, hun. Can you repeat that?”

I gritted my teeth before forcing myself to relax, repeating what I’d just said to her. She fished through some papers on her desk. “Ah-ha!” she exclaimed, pulling out a folder. She was way too happy for this early in the fucking morning. “Here you go, hun. Since it’s the first day of school, you’ll go to homeroom instead of your first-period class,” she explained. “Your homeroom teacher will direct you on how the rest of your day will proceed. Oh! And your books are located in your locker.”

I nodded once. “Thanks,” I rumbled.

I quickly escaped from the office and dragged fresh air into my lungs. After I glanced down at the map and the locker number on another piece of paper, I headed in that direction. I felt some eyes on me as I walked through the hallways as more and more students filtered in, and even more when I got to my locker, but I ignored them. I was pretty damn good at doing that.