I’ve Been a Fool (Entangled Hearts #5) Read Online Renee Williams

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As the great Miles Jaye once sang, “I’ve been a fool for you, but it’s over now.”

I didn’t care how much I loved a man. There came a time when you had to realize sugar, honey, ice tea wasn’t sweet. It was disgusting and swallowing bull crap wasn’t part of my life plan. I needed to let him go. I needed to find myself again. I had to do what any sane woman knew from the moment they started dating a man. I had to protect my mental. He was slowly killing me, and that wasn’t an option. I was too good. I was too strong to let him break me even if I had allowed him to bend me a little. I couldn’t afford to worry about anybody’s feelings but my own even if it meant keeping a secret that I knew would hurt everyone once everything came to light.

I messed up. I knew it too, but I had dug a hole so deep that climbing out of it was going to take all of my strength and endurance. However, I was willing. She was worth it. I knew she thought she had been a fool for me, but I was a fool for her too. Didn’t that make us equal? I needed to prove to her that I was willing to do whatever to win her love back because some treasure was worth whatever price you had to pay to gain them.



It took everything in me not to cry in front of my sister. I blinked back the tears threatening to spill from eyes. Dany was accustomed to me being fun Kay. Kay who hid her feelings behind jokes and smile, but tonight, I couldn’t do it.

My legs shook uncontrollably as I tried to curtail all of the emotions running through my body. I couldn’t stomach the thought that he was with someone else.

I was hurt. Shit, I was lying. I was pissed. When someone played with my feelings, they brought out the worst in me.

Dany was the type of person who turned the other cheek when someone was acting a fool with her. I was the opposite. I wasn’t turning the other cheek, so they could slap the hell out of the other one too. Dany wanted to keep the peace. I didn’t give a damn about disturbing the peace. As my mother used to say “I’m going to act up where you show out.”

Lucas was showing the hell out, so I was going where he was.

“Is this Lucas’s house?” Dany asked, staring as if she were finally figuring out where we were going.

Ignoring my sister’s question, I kept my gaze outside the passenger window to hide my sorrow and tears.

“Kay, I know you hear me. Are we going to Lucas’s house?”

I sucked my teeth at her question. Here was another moment where I realized I had screwed up. I had kept me and Lucas’s fake ass relationship a secret from both of our families. He and I agreed it would be easier to get to know each other without Dany or Noah all in our business.

“Yes, Dany, this is Lucas’s house,” I replied, ready for her to stop the car.

“Why are we here?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I just gave her a look, which I was sure answered her question.

“Did you sleep with him?” she quizzed with shock in her voice.

“Yes,” I answered with my voice trembling, which pissed me off even further. I hated that my emotions were showing. Usually, I could hide things I was feeling. Matter of fact, I stayed in everyone else’s business, but I kept intimate details about myself private.

She placed the car in park and shifted her body to focus squarely on me. “Why are we here, Kay?”

I took a deep breathe. “His phone dialed me.”

“And?” She tilted her head to the side waiting on me to say something else.

“He had a woman at his house,” I revealed, becoming pissed all over again.

“Are you two together?”

I bit my lip at her question. Feeling stupid, I ran through my and Lucas’s history. “Something like that. We’ve been sleeping together for months, Dany. I thought I was the only woman he was dealing with. He takes me on shopping sprees, expensive trips, and spends time with me. All of his actions align with a man who was interesting in being with me.”

She wiped tears from my face as they continuously ran down my cheeks. “But, are you two together, Kay?”

I didn’t know how to answer her question. “We were trying to figure out if we should be in a relationship.”

“So, no. Kay, you know better. If you don’t get confirmation, you are not his girl. That is like Dating 101.”

“I know, Dany, but this man had me at his house three to four days out of the week. He tells me how much he cares about me, and how he can see a future with me. When we are together, his phone never rings. He gives me all his attention.”