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Blood is thicker than water. The family of my birth taught me that. Not because our shared biology made us stronger. In fact, it was the opposite. The whole phrase is “Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb.” Perverting it to make it seem like biology is sacrosanct is a bullshit move. The family we choose gives us strength in the blood oaths between us.
The Dirty Sinners are my family, and they’re all I need in this world. The covenant of shared spilled blood between us makes me a part of something bigger than myself and means I don’t ever have to be alone again. When my past threatens to flood my new life with its poison, my true family stands with me against it.
Cassidy Sharpe rolls into town with an ax to grind. She’s searching for payback against the dirtbags who hurt her, and she thinks my stepfather and brother are to blame. I don’t doubt her, but I’m also not willing to pay for the sins of those two. Going to prison for them once was enough.
What I will do is help her get the vengeance she’s owed. In return, she’ll only have to agree to an oath between us. The Dirty Sinners showed me that, in life, a man’s gotta lean in hard when he wants something. I want Cassidy Sharpe. That’s the bargain.


Chapter One

Burke “Lean” Shaw

“Brother, there’s a woman out back and she’s—”

“Yeah, yeah, fucking with my bike. I’m aware.” If one more person barges in here to tell me shit I already know, I’m gonna lose it.

My shop manager hired Cassidy Sharpe ten days ago, while I was with the club on a run. I got back to town four days later to find the perfect little doll sliding trays of freshly sanitized tools out of the autoclave and moving through the joint as if she’s been here since day one.

Only she’s not really perfect, is she? This will be the third time in six days I’ve caught on to her attempt to kill me. Considering the first time I spotted her sabotaging my bike was before we’d actually been introduced, I think I can be forgiven for being a little confused about her reasoning.

It’s not as if she’s a piece of pussy I picked up at the clubhouse and then whiskey dicked like a chump. I know this because I don’t touch club candy, and because absolutely nothing about this girl says available for random hookups.

“You want me to grab her, man? I’d be willing to give her a quick lesson in keeping her hands on things meant for females like her.” Romeo, the newest patched brother in the MC I belong to, the Dirty Sinners, grabs his crotch and thrusts around like his pipe is the one she ought to be messing around with.

A couple minutes have passed since I noticed her slipping out the side door of the shop to pull her bullshit. She seems to think no one will notice her because she’s tiny and dresses in oversized hoodies and baggy shorts.

I see her, though, and so do my nosy fucking club brothers. Were it not for the mystery of why she’s trying to end me, I’d likely have broken my own rule about not fucking in this zip code and made a move on her.

Too bad my cock doesn’t seem to operate with the same sense of self preservation as the rest of me. Because the monster trapped in my jeans constantly lobbies to ignore her malicious intentions and bang the bad out of her.

“Shut up, fucker. That’s the new piercer Tick hired while I was on that last run. You’ll keep that shrimp dick away from my employees or I’ll ban you from the shop. Clear?” Being banned from Sin and Stain, my tattoo shop and the offices for the investing and financing I do for club members, is a bigger threat than a beat down.

Romeo’s got a rep for going through candy faster than an addict in a poppy field. His candy of choice being the sort that hangs around the clubhouse. Usually, they’re hoping to ride a dick good enough to land a ride on the back of a patched member’s bike. They’re also not terribly particular about who’s on the other end of that equation. Romeo or the girls.

I don’t begrudge my brothers the relief they find in those warm, willing bodies, but that life’s not for me. Not only do I have issues with sharing, but I need a special sort of female. Club candy ain’t it.

The little felon squatting on the far side of my bike with a balled up rag and a stick in her hand, though? Yeah, there’s something going on in my guts that won’t let me shut down her efforts and deal with her the way we do an enemy. Permanently.