Ms Fortune (Drive Me Wild #1) Read Online Amy Booker

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There are a lot of ways to impress Normandy Blake. Unfortunately for Brandon Carmichael, being a billionaire isn’t one of them.
Normandy Blake and her half-sister Chelsie just inherited Mischief Motors from their late father, Victor. The company is the most elite private car service in Las Vegas, serving the wealthy and the lucky, and the sisters are desperate to keep it that way. But news of their father’s death has mixed reactions from their clients and competitors. And when Victor’s connection to the Vegas underworld surfaces, all bets are off.
One of the top tech companies in the world is holding its annual board meeting in Las Vegas, and its CEO, Brandon Carmichael, wants to pay his respects to his late friend Victor while he’s in town. Before the meeting, an insider trading scandal has his company’s stock plummeting and the SEC breathing down his neck, putting his reputation on the line.
When Normandy and Brandon meet, sparks fly, but not in the fun’ theme park fireworks’ way; more like the ‘metal in the microwave’ kind.
If they can get past the friction, they might be able to help each other. They will need all the help they can get, but be careful who you trust in Vegas.


Chapter 1



“We’ve got a problem, Mr. Carmichael.” My assistant Diane’s voice over the intercom in my office sounds more peeved than usual, which is a feat. While I don’t know what’s got her all riled up, I could sure do without more problems today.

I lean back in my chair with a long sigh, rubbing the bridge of my nose, irrationally thinking it might fend off an oncoming headache. I am not happy. Our stock is taking a nosedive ahead of our annual meeting, and outside of the rumors of possible insider trading, which I hope to God are false, nobody can tell me why the markets are so jumpy. What else could go wrong today?

“What is it, Diane?” I try to keep my own irritation at bay, but damn, it’s hard.

“Apparently, Victor Blake of Mischief Motors passed away.” She sounds like this is highly inconvenient for her, but I’m stunned. Victor wasn’t just a business colleague; he was a friend. “So, with his business now up in the air, we’re scrambling for car service for all the board members for the upcoming meeting. Since our meeting always coincides with the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, finding a substitute is proving…difficult.”

I’m shocked. Victor and I were unlikely friends, but besides my using his car service exclusively, we would have lunch together a couple times a year when I was in town, mostly to discuss cars. Especially classic cars. His knowledge of almost any vehicle from any era was astounding, and his stories of various cars he’d owned over the years were always colorful.

“Why are we substituting Mischief Motors? Are they completely out of business now? Did they cancel our reservations?” Victor never talked about his family, other than saying he had daughters, but they were never around the business that I saw. I don’t know what he planned, if anything, for his company once he left this mortal coil. I can’t imagine he didn’t have any plan. Victor was too forward-thinking for that.

Diane hesitates, “No, they didn’t cancel. I just thought….”

“Well, don’t. As far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual until we hear otherwise.” Shit. That was harsh. I’m taking my emotions out on the wrong people. “Sorry, Diane. That was rude of me. Can you come to my office, please?” This intercom conversation bullshit always gets on my nerves. I prefer face-to-face conversations where I can read people’s body language. She’s only five fucking feet from the door anyway. Geez. News of Victor’s death is hitting me harder than I thought.

Diane knocks once and then comes in, her pencil skirt making walking a trial of how fast a person can move six inches at a time. It’s almost comical to watch, but I’m not in the mood now. She is such a forced persona, trying extremely hard to pull off the sexy librarian look, with her red hair up in a bun and oversized glasses on her nose. Sure, she’s got the costume down, but it’s so obviously forced, it’s a complete turn-off. Not that I would ever consider an employee that way, but as a man… it’s just not there for me. Authenticity wins for me every time.

She sits across the desk from me, notebook and pen poised at the ready. This is why she’s my assistant. She’s excellent at what she does. Not because she’s pretty.

“What do you know about Victor Blake’s death? Anything? Cause?” As many Vegas folks do, he lived hard, but he was still relatively young and seemed fit.

“Massive heart attack.”

Well, alrighty then. That would definitely do it.