Nate (Men of A Corps #4) Read Online Olivia Sinclair

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An older alpha man, younger woman military office romance

She’s adorably uptight in the office…
And I’m too old for her.
But if I have to claim her to keep her safe,
I’ll roll right over the rules and not look back.

He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen,
Stern, commanding, and impossible to read!
But I know one of his deepest secrets… …




I fucking love solitude. Having no one to answer to but myself (and that one bossy little chickadee that comes to find me when the feeder is empty). I’m grabbing five more serene minutes to have one last cup of coffee on the deck, listening to the birds chirp in the nearby trees before I have to head into the office.

Giant ships made miniature by distance are moving silently across the bay towards the horizon. I’ve learned to value this peace and quiet more than just about anything. So much so that I can’t remember the last time I went out after work. Or the last time I hooked up with a woman. Guess it’s my own damned fault that there’s no one to share this view with. On the other hand, if all she did was talk in my ear and not look, like my ex, then I’d rather be alone anyway.

I’m still in this unanswerable debate about a future hypothetical woman when my cell phone rings out an alert. “Bellamy,” I answer it curtly. Nobody using this extension is calling to chat.

“Commander? This is Smith. It’s Harrison, a sniper got him in the leg while he was out on patrol.”

“He stable?”

“Williams is working on him now. Says it’s 50/50 but only if we get him out of here soon.”

“I’ll get a chopper moving now. I’ll call you back as soon as I’m in the office. Should be about 20.”

“Yes, sir.”

Fuck. This is the other reason I’m single, but that’s beside the point right now. I make the necessary calls to get a helicopter in the air and head out. I need the equipment in the office to have the secure coordinates of where it needs to go and then I’ll have to requisition more boots on the ground. Things have been quiet there, maybe too quiet, and now our guys are paying the price.

I drive as fast as I dare to ACI and run up the five flights of stairs to my office. The chopper is now ten minutes away from picking up Harrison. Reinforcements will be arriving at the camp tomorrow and things are almost back under control. When I finally take a minute to check my email, I realize I’m late for yet another meeting with internal audit. I swear they get their kicks from siccing the newbies on me to see who’ll crack whom. I don’t know why they try. I’m still here and I’ve never seen the same auditor twice.


Nathan Bellamy is late. And I’m stuck here in this tiny, windowless conference room waiting for him. There are parts of my job I really like — the detailed research into files, tracing problematic paperwork, and not spending another winter in North Dakota.

On the other hand, nobody wants to be friends with people in internal audit. It’s like Internal Affairs on TV cop shows, except without the guns, uniforms, or high drama. The part that is the same? People don’t like other people looking through their shit. So it’s a bit lonely and I’m a bit sick of the travel between offices. I never thought I’d say this, but the idea of staying in one place and having my stuff around me without having to take it out of a suitcase is starting to sound almost divine. My only hobby is reading romance books on my phone. Oh, and I hate conference rooms.

The door snaps open and the most mouth-watering gorgeous man I’ve ever seen walks in. The photo in his personnel file did not do him justice, not by a long shot. At all. Hands down, he could star in each and every romance I’ve ever read and I would not be disappointed. I’m staring in the most brazen and unprofessional way. I suspect you would be too. First of all, he’s massive. Easily six and a half feet tall with thick muscles. His high cheekbones and bronze skin hint at an eclectic ancestry and his almost black eyes are regarding me with calm command. His short black hair has the barest hint of silver at the temples. Nobody pushes this guy around.

“Sorry I’m late, Ms… Schmidt, is it?

“I’m Aubrey Schmidt, yes. I have several questions we need to get through, Mr. Bellamy.”

“Call me Nate, or Commander, if you prefer.” He sits down in the chair opposite me and leans back, relaxed. He shouldn’t look so enticingly hot in the typical manager uniform of dark trousers and a blue dress shirt, but he does. Maybe because the collar is undone and I can see that lickable dent in his collarbone?