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One Hot Secret - Love on Fire

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Sarah J. Brooks

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He’s our new apprentice, and he calls himself “Jack”.
Smirky smile, magnetic eyes, and a face I can’t look away from. Pure heart thief material. I am one of only two female firefighters at our station, and of course he gets assigned to me.
He says he wants to learn how to extinguish fire. Instead, I need him to extinguish my desires.
He says he wants to learn how to rescue people. Instead, I want him to rescue me.
He says he wants to learn how to break into burning buildings. Instead, he’s about to break my burning heart.
Because it turns out that his real name is not Jack. And he has no real intention to become a firefighter.
If everything about him is fake – how can my feelings for him still be so real?
This is book #6 in the bestselling romance series “Love on Fire”. No cheating, cliffhangers and of course a satisfying happily ever after.
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Sarah J. Brooks

Chapter 1


I love sitting on the bench sipping coffee and taking a moment to breathe and enjoy the morning. LA is great in that the weather is always perfect, even in the morning. The sun warms my bare arms and face as I watch the guys play a game of basketball. Behind me, I can hear the sound of feet pounding the treadmill.

My cell phone vibrates in my pocket, and I half stand to pull it out. I smile as I glance at the name on the screen. I swipe to answer. “Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, sweetheart,” she says in her soft voice that instantly warms my insides.

We exchange pleasantries, and I ask about Dad. He’s a retired firefighter but still volunteers in the fire station at Newtown, my childhood home. Mom is a gardener and has a greenhouse at the back of her house, from where she sells her flowers and plants.

“Have you met a nice young man yet?” she asks. She never fails to ask me this in our weekly phone calls.

“I go on dates, but nothing materializes.” I let out a sigh. I’m as eager to meet someone and fall in love as Mom is to marry me off. She and my dad worry about my single life; to them, marriage represents security. Thanks to them, I’ve changed my views of marriage. Once upon a time, in another life, I had vowed that I would never get married. Living with my adopted parents has shown me that marriage does not have to be a violent string of drama after drama.

“I’m not willing to settle for anything less than what you and Dad have.”

“Oh, Grace,” she says. “Sometimes, you have to drop your standards a little bit. A diamond starts off as a chunk of coal.”

I let out a sigh as I take in her words. Even getting that chunk of coal is proving to be difficult. Maybe it’s my age, and I left it too late.

A shadow falls over me, and I look up. It’s Michael, one of the guys, and by his gestures, I assume that he needs to talk to me.

“I have to go, Mom. I’ll call you soon.” I disconnect the call.

“Sorry for interrupting your call, Grace, but the chief wants to see you in his office,” Michael says.

“No prob. Thanks.” I carry my mug to the kitchen before going to the chief’s office. I knock lightly on the door, and his booming voice calls from inside that I should enter.

I push the door open and step in.

“Come in, Grace, and have a seat,” the chief says, smiling at me in his warm fatherly way.

The chief is not alone in his office. I cast a quick glance at the visitor, and as soon as I meet his blue stare, my breath quickens. The sight of him jolts something in me. His face is handsome but scarred, and I find myself wanting to trace my fingers over the deep lines on his left cheek. I’m struck by the masculine planes of his face before my gaze drops to his full mouth. My body heats up as an instant attraction for a stranger comes over me.

I catch myself and tear my gaze away, knowing that he must have read the turn my thoughts had taken. He’s probably used to having strange women make fools of themselves over him.

I cast another covert stare at him when I sit down. He’s the finest species of a man I have ever met. His shoulders are broad, and he has a barrel of a chest, which is not a surprise if he’s a firefighter. All firefighters are muscled from all the working out they do at work and the heavy equipment they carry in their regular duties.

He’s perfectly imperfect.

“Grace, this is Jack Acker, and he’s going to apprentice with us for a short time,” the chief says in a voice that surprises me. He sounds almost in awe of Jack, and I wonder what is so special about him, except, of course, apart from being hot as sin.

I glance at him, and our gazes meet. A current of electricity zaps between us. He wants me as much as I want him. My face heats up. I’ve never had such a reaction to a man. I’ve only had two relationships in the past, and all of them were slow burns, not this intense, physical, instant attraction.

“You’ll be partnered with Grace here,” the chief continues, his voice a distant whirl as the stranger and I practically eat each other with our eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Grace.” Jack’s voice is low and husky. A voice that I can easily imagine whispering sweet, dirty words into my ear.

I take his hand, and his strong masculine one engulfs mine making me feel too hot. Raw need races through me, and I quickly take my hand away.