Out Of Bounds With My Enemy (Falling For A Tomboy #3) Read Online Christina Benjamin

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Is there anything worse than falling for your enemy?
Actually yes, losing to him.
When Mia packed her bags for basketball camp, her plans were to rule campus one last time like the queen of the court she is. But when a new athlete shows up and threatens to take over the fundraiser that she’s been planning all year, it’s game on.
Mia is tightly wound. She can admit that. She hears her teammates call her Diva behind her back. But they don’t know the real Mia and she has no plans on sharing her secret. Until Aiden Quinn goes sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong—but two can play that game.
Aiden’s new at Camp Neon—and annoyingly cute—but that’s no excuse for not knowing the rules.
No one challenges Mia Yates Easton—and gets away with it.
Camp Neon is the one place Mia feels like she’s in control—unlike her homelife. What gives Aiden the right to show up and ruin her safe haven? It’s not like he actually has a better reason for wanting to beat her previous fundraising record. Or does he?
A dare pits the two rivals head to head. Agreeing to settle their differences on the COURT wasn’t what Mia had in mind, even more unexpected? Finding common ground.
Can they admit the truth before the FINAL SCORE?

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“Coach, if this is a joke, it’s not funny. You know I always run the basketball fundraiser.”

Coach Hendricks sighed, leaning back in his squeaky desk chair. “Listen, Mia, I don’t know what to tell you. Aiden Quinn stopped by here earlier and expressed an interest in running it this year. I’ve already signed off on it.”

“Aiden Quinn?” Who on earth was Aiden Quinn? As the three-time captain and reigning MVP of the girls’ team, I knew everyone in the Camp Neon basketball program. But I’d never heard that name before.

Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t off to a good start. Getting on my bad side was not something he wanted to do.

“He’s new this year,” Coach Hendricks explained. “Part of the camp scholarship program. Which is probably why it’s important to him to help raise money for it,” he added, an air of warning to his tone.

“Well, obviously no one told him how things work around here,” I grumbled.

“Mia . . .”

My hands shot to my hips. “Coach, do you really want some rookie heading up the fundraiser? This is important, not just for the camp but for the other charities we raise money for. No one has ever raised more than me and that’s a fact.”

“No one is disputing your glowing record, Mia. But you have a lot on your plate this year. You’re team captain, you’re a senior, and your family . . .”

Coach trailed off at the mention of my family and rightly so. If looks could kill he’d be a pile of ash already. “I’ve managed every other year, haven’t I?”

“Yes, but—”

“Then this year won’t be any different.”

“Mia, I already told Aiden he was in charge of the fundraiser.” He scribbled something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Why don’t you get in touch with him and offer some assistance since you’re the expert? I’m sure he’d be happy to have the help.”

I stared down at the phone number Coach handed me, my nose wrinkling in disgust. Help? Who the heck does Coach Hendricks think I am?

I was the queen of this camp. I didn’t assist people. It was the other way around. And it was about time this Aiden character figured that out.

I turned to storm out of the head coach’s office, but he called after me. “Mia! I need you to be a team player on this.”

“Sure thing, Coach.” I smiled over my shoulder, the helpless piece of paper crumbling in my fist.



“I see why they call it the meat market.” Grinning, I lifted my shades to check out the legs on the pair of athletes walking by. One was a curvaceous little redhead, the other a lanky blonde. I had a thing for blondes.

Smirking, I leaned back in my lounge chair and watched the show as the girls found their spots on the other side of the pool. “I think I’m gonna like Camp Neon,” I declared.

My roommate Shane laughed. “It’s kinda hard not to.”

“So maybe we should lay some ground rules, so we don’t get in each other’s way,” I said. “I can’t resist blondes. What about you? Got a type?”

“I guess you could say that.” Shane nodded his chin to a group of girls who’d just walked into the pool area. “See that mocha-skinned goddess with the pink dreads?”


“That’s my type.”

“Kinda specific.”

“Kinda perfect.” Shane waved and the girl with dreads shrieked, racing over on legs that would make a flamingo jealous, only to wrap them around my roommate as she leapt into his arms.