Protecting Her Heart (The Sonoma #4) Read Online Shelby Gunter

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My new boss is a grade A jerk.
With a permanent scowl furrowing his eyebrows and the words ‘back off’ stamped across his forehead, he’s made our small-town animal clinic unbearable. Unfortunately for me, broody only makes him hotter.
Until the night he saved my life, and my entire view on Benjamin Crawford changed. Falling for your boss usually ends in disaster, but this time, it’s not because we work together.
Making Ben mine paints a target on my back, forcing the dark shadow lurking around me to make itself known. Someone else wants me and is determined to keep me.
And no matter what we do to stop them, I think they may succeed.

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She’s so pretty. Soft, ivory skin and long, brown hair so shiny I bet it would feel like silk against my fingers. I can’t wait for the day I can touch her whenever I want. When I can show her how much I love her. For now, I know I can only watch.

I hate it.

The shadows of night conceal my body. With the forest surrounding me, she has no idea I’m here. I can see her through the window of her house. She’s playing with her animals, laughing when they’re being silly. I laugh along with her, happy to be sharing in her joy. The gentle touches she gives them have jealousy slithering through me like a snake in the grass. What would it be like to have her hands on me like that?

I can already feel her tender embraces.

She’ll love me just as much as I love her.

There’s no other option. I’m hers forever.

And she’ll be mine.



“Oh, shit.” The words slip out of my mouth before I can shut them down.

“Literally.” Dr. Charles chuckles as he adjusts his hold on the squirming Pomeranian. The poor thing is so scared she just crapped all over our exam table. Luckily, the owner isn't in the room with us. It usually creates exponentially more drama when they are.

“One last shot, then little Lulu can go get a bum wash,” Dr. Charles says with a grimace. Despite the very smelly room, being a vet tech is my absolute dream job. Caring for animals is something I’ve been obsessed with since I saved a baby raccoon when I was six. Mom was none too thrilled, but I’d fallen in love with the little guy.

And any other wounded animal that came my way.

The Sonoma Animal Clinic handles mostly dogs and cats, however, there are plenty of other types of animals in our small town. We’ve got a few hamsters, a couple of lizards, and we even have a little garter snake that comes in for regular checks. We also handle some of the bigger livestock outside of town, but for the most part, we only help with challenging births and vaccines for the farms. There’s a vet in Westlake that handles any of the major issues.

Dr. Charles Crawford, our fearless leader, started the animal clinic when his family moved here almost twenty years ago. I remember the very first interaction I had with him when I was a distraught sixteen-year-old. My youngest brother, Nolan, accidentally kicked my hamster, Millie, and I was terrified she was going to die.

The way Dr. Charles soothed my nerves while taking the best care of my pet set me on the path to becoming a vet tech. For a long time, I debated becoming a veterinarian myself. It was a tough decision, but I ultimately decided I wanted to be hands-on as quickly as possible without incurring all the debt vet school would have brought.

When little Lulu is finished with her shots, I carry her to the sink in the back of the clinic. Our large building gives us the space to offer multiple services outside of just everyday visits. We’ve got crates of various sizes for boarding, a room outfitted for any type of surgery, as well as three exam rooms for our regular checkups.

Setting the squirming Pomeranian into the deep sink, I work quickly to rinse off Lulu’s butt, then do my best to dry her off. At this point, she is done with her vet visit, and I have very little hope of continuing to hold on to her without her trying to snap at me.

After I return Lulu to her owner, I set about cleaning up the exam room. When I step in, the smell of cleaning products hits my nose, telling me it’s already been cleaned.

“I handled cleanup for you,” Michelle says from behind me. Her icy blonde hair is in her typical messy bun while her gray eyes are sharp and focused. At thirty, she’s only a few years younger than me, so we’ve become pretty good work friends over the last few years.

“You didn’t have to do that, but thanks.”

“Sure. We’ve got the staff meeting right after we close, so I figured if I got a jump start on the closing checklist, we could get the meeting started right away.”