Puma’s Pride (Demon Dawgs MC – Las Vegas #1) Read Online K.L. Barstow

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You know what you get when you play ball professionally? Everything. Money. Women. Fame. Know what you get after a stupid mistake destroys your career? For me, I became the President of the Demon Dawgs Las Vegas Chapter. Which means I now have even more money, more women and a whole lot of infamy. So what happens when the woman you want only sees you as a player? Well, you try to prove to her you’re not. Easier said than done when a woman from your past shows up with your child in tow. A child you knew nothing about.

Puma can have anyone he wants. For some reason, he seems to think he wants me. But I have too many reasons not to go there. Foremost is my little girl, Elina. She doesn’t need the heartbreak if, and when, he tires of monogamy. But the bigger reason is the man who killed my husband. Because I know he’ll kill Puma if given the chance, and that would destroy me.

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“This fucking sucks.” I gripe as Pete takes the tractor trailer around another corner. I never realized how hard it is to stand inside a moving vehicle until I find myself jostled around like a ball on a trampoline.

“Sit down before you topple over like a Redwood.” Dante snarks at me.

I scowl at Dante but don’t sit. He may be my President but I want to be ready when we stop. Dante, Chaos, Scar and I are all inside the trailer heading for the rendezvous with Gareth Standish, his son, Gerard, and Colin Chambers. They’re expecting Tally, Evie, Caitlin and Kingsley when they open the trailer door. But they’re getting us instead. We need to be ready and I’d rather not get caught sitting on my ass when we stop.

“Feral said we’re driving through the gate now.” Dante adds. Feral is up in the cab with Pete, but he’s hiding in the sleeper. He and Pete drove the distance from San Diego to Chicago, taking turns so they could arrive early. We used the extra time to set up this ambush, with the help of our Chicago Chapter.

Chrome and his men worked overtime preparing for this day. He enlisted the help of other MC’s in the state as well as a few gangs who don’t condone human trafficking. Once we’re done with this op, every facet of Standish’s operation will cease to exist. The plan is a simple one. Once they open the trailer, expecting to find four, terrified and broken women, they’ll find us. Chrome and his men have the meeting place surrounded and they’ll close in and capture everyone. The goal is to take it all without a shot fired, but if one of the perverts gets shot, well I won’t be feeling any remorse.

The truck comes to a stop so we all get in position. We’re all aware that Pete may be in the middle of the upcoming ambush. He’d done us a solid by agreeing to drive the truck, once he discovered his boss had him transporting women without his knowledge. He has a wife and daughters, so he was understandably appalled to find the women trapped inside. He agreed to help us set the bastards up. He knew how close he came to either dying by our hands or convicted of human trafficking if the cops stopped him. We don’t want him to be a casualty, so we’ll take care to not shoot him.

The trailer doors open and we’re in luck. Standish and his son are looking at Pete, listening to him tell a story about almost getting pulled over. Pete played his part perfectly by opening the door and stepping to the side, out of the way. Colin is the first person to see us, but he barely gets out a squeak when all three of them find no less than a dozen guns pointed at them. Demon Dawgs surround the truck yard, leaving our targets nowhere to run.

“How the fuck did you get in there?” Gareth sputters as Chrome’s SOA and Chill zip tie their hands behind their back.

“Standish and little Standish, good to see you both again. You left town without saying goodbye, very rude.” Dante says with a malicious grin that he then turns on Colin. “You must be Colin, my future brother-in-law. Let me congratulate, you’re going to become an uncle soon. Of course you won’t be around to enjoy it.”

“You’re telling me my sister is a whore?” Colin sneers. “I already knew it.”

Dante calmly steps up to Colin, so close that Colin either has to raise his chin to see him or stare at Dante’s chest. When Colin makes eye contact, Dante slams his fist into Colin’s gut. The air whooshes out of him as he doubles over with pain. Dante steps to the side in time to avoid Colin spewing all over his boots.