Reinhold (Paranormal Council Enforcers #3) Read Online Taylor Rylan

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Can Reinhold and Chase overcome Chase’s tragic past? Or will the dragon alpha be too much for the battered omega wolf?

Reinhold and his dragon felt the pull to join the enforcers when the Paranormal Council was formed on Treasure Ridge. After his brother found his fated mate in the created vampire, Reinhold’s longing for his own perfect match only grew. Will his assignments for the council take him to his mate? Or will he have to continue to wait?
Chase has known a lot of heartache and more in his short life. He lost his family at seventeen to a drunk driver, and when his pack didn’t seem to care, he was thrust into the world on his own. When he takes a job as a waiter at a small café in New Orleans to help make ends meet, he quickly regrets his choice when he finds himself at the mercy of truly evil paranormals.
Reinhold knew of the ugliness and abuse that his mate had gone through at the hands of others. He’s willing to take things slow and at Chase’s speed, if he’s only given the chance to get to know his mate. What he doesn’t expect is to find Chase sitting on his doorstep, literally. Can he hold off on the temptation that is his fated mate? When nature takes its natural course, will the newly mated and expecting couple be able to overcome Chase’s nightmare together?

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Chapter 1


The mountain is certainly beautiful, I thought as I looked out over the ridge at the setting sun. It hit the treetops, giving them a golden hue. I remembered when coming here calmed my dragon, but not now. It hadn’t for quite some time. I thought about when things seemed to shift for me and realized it was when the council started to converge on our mountain.

I was an enforcer, but did I enjoy it? Not exactly. It was something to do, a way to get out there and help others like us, but I had hoped for more.

I heard a noise behind me, a breeze wisping past me as I turned to see who it was. I smiled. Father. He walked up to the ledge and stood beside me, taking in the mountain that he and his parents had claimed all those centuries ago.

“Your dragon is unsettled.”

“Possibly.” I thought about what I’d just been pondering and nodded. “Somewhat,” I said, changing my answer.

“Care to talk about it?”

I shrugged. “I cannot talk about it as I don’t know the exact cause.”

I saw him nod in my peripheral vision. “Do you need time away? Is the council too much for your dragon?”

I wasn’t sure that was necessarily the answer. Sure, it had been an adjustment when the council started arriving here. But I knew that was the reason why my grandfather had been told all of those centuries ago to come here and settle. It was why we were here. To protect the mountain and keep it for when it would be required.


I faced my father. “I’m just not sure. I was doing better. But these last couple of months, my dragon has been on edge. He’s pushing me to shift and patrol. I’ve given in a couple of times but had to cut things short because he keeps trying to leave the mountain.”

I could tell that concerned my father as much as it had me. I’d always had control over my dragon, but lately, he’d been acting like a toddler and didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say. I chuckled to myself thinking about the last argument I’d had with my other half and wondered if it would do any good to talk about it with my father.

“Where does he wish to go?”

“I’m not sure. Just off the mountain. He became quite irritable when we were in New Orleans last. But the desire to leave the mountain was no longer there. I think it’s possible that he’s just restless, like you said, and I’ve asked Alpha Sergei for a new assignment. One that will take me away for a bit.”

Father closed his eyes briefly before he offered a hesitant smile.

“And are you going to inform your da of that, or will you leave that up to me?”

I smirked. “I’ll tell him. It’s not as if I haven’t already been sent out on assignment. There is so much more to do in New Orleans. I’ve volunteered to go with Everett and Benjamin. We’ll be going offshore to scout the islands. There are so many more to be found. It’s disturbing knowing that we won’t find them all.”

“You can only do what you can. I agree that what has happened to them is atrocious and should have never happened, but all we can do is rescue the ones we can and hope they can move beyond it enough to have a life of some sort.”