Rejecting the Sinner (Underworld Sinner #6) Read Online Hayley Faiman

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She wasn’t his to have, wasn’t his to take. She ran to him anyway. He caught her when she fell, but she rejected him. She refused what he offered, determined to live her life as she wanted… free.
Freedom is nothing but an illusion.
Essie knows her lot in life. She dreads every second of what is to come. She panics when the time finally arrives for her father to marry her off. She runs. Sprinting toward a stranger in a dark sedan, running toward a fate unknown.
Has she made the biggest mistake of her life?
Arseny Sidorov has changed the path of his life more than once, and he’s just done it again. This time, permanently. She goes by the name Essie. The eighteen-year-old is too young, too beautiful, and far too naive for him. The biggest hurdle is that Arseny rarely does what he’s told to do, and when it comes to Essie, he is no different.
One decision, one choice, or even one rejection can change the path of someone’s life. She craves her freedom. He only knows how to control. When the pull is too much, can they both completely change the course of their lives and come together, or will they be doomed to desire from afar?




I would like to say that murdering the head of the Persian Mafia was a mistake, but it wasn’t. The fucker was doing nothing but causing goddamn problems. He was a liar and a thief. He was dirty as fuck, and he wanted to screw over the Bratva just like his piece-of-shit father tried to do. He tried to fuck with my people, and I killed the piece of shit.

The whole situation has put me in hot water, but not hot enough that I’m actually in any kind of real trouble. Kazimir and Osip aren’t going to reprimand me in any way. They know what I did was nothing short of a fucking favor.

Kazimir has kept a close eye on me since it happened, but I don’t regret it. The fuck was a threat, has been for a while, and needed to go. He did the shit to himself. It was all confirmed to me when Osip told me exactly what Rostam was so pissed off about. I already knew it though, because Ruslan had told me.

We talk often, Ruslan and me, considering we’re in the exact same line of business. He started his after mine and needed an ear to bounce ideas off of. Running women in Russia is a completely different game than in the United States, so we tend to talk often and share ideas and also talk about our woes.

Ruslan filled me on everything that was going on with him, his woman, and the Rostam fucker, so I knew the guy was trash the second I laid eyes on him.

That motherfucker.

Not only did he try and play the whole fucking Bratva, more than once, he also promised Ruslan virgin call girls and delivered women who were not virgin call girls. No matter how many young willing girls he sent over to Ruslan, not a single one was a virgin. Typically, that shit doesn’t matter, we don’t care, but at the same time, he lied.

If he’ll lie about that, he’ll lie about everything else.

Now that he’s dead, his wives no doubt hurt and angry, another man is no doubt setting up to take over the Persian Mafia, so, I watch. This very much feels like my responsibility since I’m the one who actually ended the fuck.

I should be at home in SoCal, but I can’t go back there yet. I can’t let this go. Kazimir is pissed at me, Ruslan doesn’t blame me, but I’m feeling really fucking… off about it all. It’s my duty to handle this, whatever happens next, whatever fallout comes from my actions.

I don’t know what the fuck is going to happen next. There is something that is just not right about any of this. The person hasn’t been named who will take over the Persians. There is something just not sitting right with me about that.

If Osip or Kazimir were taken out today, someone would be named to take their place before the next day. You cannot go days without leadership when you’re trying to run an organization of any size.

We all wait, wondering what the fuck they’re going to try and get out of the Bratva.

It will be something.

They’re going to try because there is no way that Rostam and his father, who both tried to fuck us over, were the only ones in that whole group that wanted something from us.

Maybe I should just go home and worry about my own people, my own women, and my own job. Maybe I should leave this whole area alone. Osip and Ruslan are more than capable of running the whole NorCal without me. I don’t know why I think that I need to be here.