Roar Enforcement (Paranormal Dating Agency #60) Read Online Milly Taiden

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The tables are turned when this billionaire doesn’t fit in with his mate’s bohemian lifestyle!

Gerri Wilder has matched up billionaire Jake with Casey, a philosopher who hangs out at slam poetry bars. Jake isn’t unfamiliar with the art scene as he comes from a family of artists, but he’d hoped that his mate would be more business-minded, like him. That doesn’t stop him from admiring her creative beauty, dazzling smile and sassy personality.
Casey doubts that the billionaire alpha lion shifter has anything in common with her. He’s a bit stuffy, stubborn and doesn’t smile enough. Still, she’s not sure how to handle the steamy looks he gives her or the way his touch makes her breath catch. She knows it’s a road to nowhere, but she wants to see how far they could go.
Neither thinks they have anything in common, but they soon learn that they do have common ground. They both like deep meaningful conversations, midnight strolls under the starry skies… and monster truck rallies! It’s not the typical sweet romance here. These two get down and dirty and love every second of it. Hopefully they can keep each other alive enough to enjoy their happily-ever-after.




As Jake’s limo pulled up to the charity gala, taking in all the elegant outfits and the paparazzi, he took a deep breath and slowly let it out. The event was being held in a swanky convention hall in the heart of downtown, so there was plenty of publicity. While many might expect it of him, it was something he typically avoided.

He got out of his limo, and the flashes of the cameras turned to him. He put on his best smile and waved, shutting the door. Jake waved at people and gave the reporters comments but kept himself moving. He'd done enough of these events to know how to pace himself. He knew how fast to walk and just how much to wave without looking like an idiot.

It wasn't long before he was inside, where the atmosphere changed. There were no cameras, no large crowd. Once inside, it was all about the charity. People talked in small groups, and the space was quiet.

He headed down the narrow hall until he entered the large ballroom. The room was filled with tables that all had numbers and place settings. The walls were lined with smaller tables with various items to bid on. The room was packed, people floating around already deep in thought about the action items.

Straightening his back, he internally reminded himself to keep that smile plastered on his face, hoping for this to go well. He didn't want to think about his phone call with his dad or how frustrating his life seemed to be. Tonight wasn't about him. It was about the charity and raising money for a good cause.

He headed to his table, knowing a group of friends would be waiting. Chester was a close friend who was already seated, working on a glass of champagne. He smiled, waving a hand. “You made it. This place is spectacular.”

Jake gave him a nod in return, looking at his seat. He didn't plan to be there long. He would much rather take everything in and be on his feet. He didn't want to sit and drink, which he suspected Chester would be doing.

“Have you checked the tables?” Jake asked, looking around. He knew they would be serving meals soon. For a thousand dollars a seat, he expected it to be exquisite.

“Not yet. Been enjoying the area. Some really sexy women are attending the charity today as well.”

Jake glanced around, scanning the crowd. The event was in full swing now. People were chatting and discussing what they wanted to bid on, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. It made him feel worthy, knowing at the end, money would be going to people that needed it.

“You want to drink?” Chester asked, pointing toward the table.

“Nah.” Jake shook his head. “I'm gonna check the auction tables first. I'll meet you in a bit before the meals start.”

He headed across the room to start at the first table, but a woman in a short red dress with deep red lipstick stepped into his space. She purposely did it. He watched her wait until he was close.

“Oh, sorry.” She looked up at him, fluttering her eyelashes. “I didn't see you there.”

He looked down at her, not wanting to say anything. This wasn't new to him. Having girls throw themselves at him was normal. It was clear they didn't expect him to turn them down.

“It's all right,” he said, patting his shirt down.

“What's your name?” she asked, batting her eyes once more.

Jake scanned her over, doing precisely what he always did: find things he didn't like. He didn't like her face frame, and he hated the brown of her eyes. He didn't like how she applied her makeup, and he hated the deep color of her dress.