Rock & Crank (Dirty Sinners #0) Read Online Ember Davis

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Are two Dirty Sinners better than one?

When I left Haven to go to college, I never thought I’d be back or be a single mom, but here I am. Being Clover’s mom has been one of the best things in my life, but also the hardest because of her epilepsy. The medicine I’ve been given her isn’t exactly legal in my state, but something as inconsequential as the law isn’t going to stop me from giving her what she needs. Now that Deputy Black has a crush on me, getting Clover’s medicine has become difficult.
The only people I know who can help are the Dirty Sinners, but they turn me down. At least, at first. After seeing what turning me away means for my little girl, Rock storms into my life and insists he’s going to take care of me…and Clover. That would be enough, but then his brother, Crank, gets involved. How did I go from single and struggling to keep everything together to having two sexy as sin bikers wanting me? I’ll never know, but I’m willing to see where this wild road takes me because they have my loyalty, my life and my love.

My life has been marked with loss; first my dad and then some of the men I served with. The Dirty Sinners have always been there, and the club comes first. Until it doesn’t. I can’t ignore the need of one single mom desperate for the medicine that helps her daughter. I can’t turn my back on her. I have the connections to make sure Clover gets her medicine and the desire to take care of Summer.
The only man I can trust to have my back as I go against Reaper’s wishes is my brother, Crank. I should have known he was going to fall for Summer’s sweet smile. She deserves the world and I’m going to figure out a way to give it to her and so much more, even if it means sharing her with my brother.

I’ve been riding through life, only caring about the Sinners and my mechanic shop, for so long that I didn’t know I wasn’t whole. Everything changes when my brother, Rock, needs my help and I realize exactly what I’ve been missing and who I need. Summer’s curvy body calls to me and the broken look in her eyes makes me want to rage against the world that has put it there. Rock only asked me to watch out for her, but it became so much more the second I saw her.
We’ve never been good at sharing, but we’ll figure it out for Summer. I’m not walking away from her, or her daughter and I know Rock won’t either. We’ve been loyal to the Sinners our whole lives and that will never change, but we have room in our lives for Summer and Clover as long as they can open their hearts to two bikers and all our rough edges.




“You know just how I like it, don’t you?” My voice is breathy and filled with seduction even as I roll my eyes. It’s a good thing the man on the other end of the line can’t see me. “You make my pussy so wet. Are you stroking your big cock?”

I barely stifle a snort. I’ve learned in the last few years, as I’ve been working as a phone sex operator, that the men who want me to talk about their huge dicks more than likely have small ones. They like to be pumped up and made to feel more manly than they are. As if the size of their dick is the only factor.

It’s not.

“Fuck, your voice is so damn sexy, Autumn,” his voice is thready and tight telling me just how close he is to release.

“You like that?” I purr the words, “Slow down, don’t come yet. I want to make it last. Are you going to be a good boy and give me what I want?”

His breath hitches and I can’t help but grin. Men like him are so fucking easy, it’s almost a shame. My thoughts drift for a moment to how he probably has a very unsatisfied wife at home. It wouldn’t be the first time. Married men use services like mine far too often. The whole thing has made me more than a little gun-shy about getting into a relationship. Well, amongst other things.

His voice is strained, “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me with your big,” I pause and let the next word round as it leaves my mouth, making it a whisper on my lips, “cock.”

He groans. “Oh, fuck,” he holds out the word and I know I won’t be getting anything else out of him today.

It’s not like I want more anyway. I look down at myself in leggings and an oversized light weight sweater. My job doesn’t do anything for my libido. I just have a damn good voice and a moan like a porn star. The guys who call me don’t care if it’s fake or not and I make good money so I can stay home to make sure Clover, my seven-year-old daughter, gets everything she needs.