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“You make me burn..”

Having accepted that she will likely be a spinster forever, Amelia has focused solely on her sister’s upbringing. So, when their father announces one of them is to marry a man rumored to be a monster, so he can pay off his debt, she immediately volunteers. Even if it means sacrificing everything she thought her life would be…
Ever since a tragic fire in his home that took his parents’ lives , Arthur is left with physical and emotional scars. With the whole of society against him, he has turned into a ghost of a man, and his only concern is his business. Until he meets his bride of convenience…
Arthur and Amelia never thought there would be any emotions involved in their marriage of convenience. With every meeting, inhibitions vanish and desire starts to take over. But is it enough to melt his frozen heart?

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“I have some great news, girls!” Aaron Cooke, the Earl of Galpin, announced to his two daughters as the three of them were seated at the breakfast table.

Jane, his younger daughter, whose complexion and visage were as sweet and naïve as her nature, believed that the news her father had was truly wonderful. Amelia, her older sister, knew better. She immediately placed the crumpet she was holding back onto the plate, brushing her fingers gently against the napkin. Although, she could not brush off that clammy feeling from the palms of her hands.

“I have been discussing things with the Duke of Mosebridge, and I am extremely glad to tell you that he has agreed to purchase our winery,” the Earl declared importantly. Not once did he wince at the mention of that name, which horrified Amelia.

Everyone knew what horrible reputation followed the Duke of Mosebridge. Some even said that the fire that claimed the lives of both his parents might have been his own doing. Naturally, no one had dared make such a bold claim directly to his face, but it was one of the theories that had been circling the ton. In addition to that, his utterly disgraceful behavior after the fire had led his betrothed to leave him just days before they were to get married. Amelia could not understand how wicked a man had to be for a woman to leave him, a woman who loved him with all of her heart. Taking all of this into consideration, she could not have imagined a more odious man to have any dealings with, be it business transactions or anything of the like.

Still, she was well aware of the fact that the winery would be their ruin. Her father was monstrously unskilled with money and business affairs, and it was no wonder that the winery was not doing well. In fact, not doing well was an understatement. It was on the verge of ruin, and it threatened to take them all down. Selling it was the only reasonable solution to this predicament, even if it meant selling it to the most despised man of the ton.

“And that is not all,” the Earl suddenly interrupted his daughter’s tumultuous thoughts, bringing her back to the present moment.

This was where both of his daughters aimed their gazes at him more fervently, anticipating what he might say. Amelia was even more fearful now than a moment ago, and for the right reason, because her father’s next words felt like she was suddenly in the epicenter of a devastating earthquake.

“He has also graciously agreed to marry one of you two, without a dowry!” He almost shouted these last words out loud, accentuating them to the point of an outburst.

At first, Amelia thought she didn’t hear him well. She hoped she didn’t hear him well because if what he said was true then their lives were about to turn into a nightmare. There were so many things she wanted to scream back at him, but she couldn’t find her voice. It was lost somewhere in the despair of the words she just heard from the person who was supposed to keep them protected and safe, yet instead, he was throwing them right into the lion’s pit.

“Father, you cannot possibly agree with this,” Amelia finally spoke, feeling her throated getting parched with each passing moment.

Perhaps this was all just a dream, she thought to herself. No. Not a dream. A nightmare. A nightmare she would wake up from immediately, and all would be well. The winery would still be on the brink of ruin, but they would eventually come up with something. They always did – even if that meant they had to find a way to succeed in spite of the fact that their winery had always been a direct competitor of the Duke’s business.

“Whatever do you mean, darling?” the Earl wondered sweetly. He already sounded as if all of his problems and concerns had been taken care of.