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I never imagined that one night could end the friendship Beau Bishop and I’d had since birth and sever all ties between our families. Especially when less than an hour prior to that tragic accident at the racetrack that night, he had confessed his love to me under the bleachers. A bond I’d thought could never be broken was smashed to smithereens in an instant.
He left Alabama, hightailing it to Florida without so much as a good-bye.
Two years later, we’ve crossed paths again. Only he’s no longer known as Beau Bishop. No, now, the boy that I’ve been in love with my entire life is called Bama. And Bama is a cocky, closed-off jerk.
As much as he tries to push me away, he should know how persistent I am when it comes to something I want. Losing is never an option. Just ask all of the guys I’ve raced to become number one.
Getting everything I’ve ever wanted is finally so close I can almost reach out and grab it. But you know that saying—waiting for the other shoe to drop? Yeah … well, those words were always in the back of my mind. Knowing it seemed too good to be true to finally have Beau Bishop in the palm of my hand.
And I was right. Because once again, I was alone.
Sometimes, fear makes you do stupid things when it comes to the ones you love. We were a walking example of that.

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I run. The horrific sounds of people screaming and sirens getting closer are enormously clear around me. But I can’t comprehend any of it. There’s been an accident. A bad one. And all I can focus on right now are my legs. And the fact that they need to carry me as fast as they can until I reach the burning car at the end of the racetrack. The paramedics are close. But I need to get to him. I need to see my dad.

This place is my second home. The smell of racing fuel and burned rubber brings me comfort. And the sound of engines revving is my lullaby. Not tonight though. Tonight, this place is my personal hell. A nightmare I can’t escape.

Every racer knows the danger when we climb behind the wheel. We weigh the risks. We know our chances when it comes to wrecking. It’s not if; it’s when.

Unfortunately for my father, tonight is his when.

The second I had my license, I was on the hunt to find a race car for me and my dad to build together. My mom wasn’t that big on me following in my father’s footsteps when it came to drag racing. But she knew she had no choice but to get on board with it.

Football and fast cars. My two favorite things. One is a blessing, the other a vice.

Try to guess which is which.

I’m almost there when an ambulance shrieks by me, stopping in front of what was my father’s car only minutes ago. Now … it’s a torn-apart piece of metal. Years of hard work and dedication gone.

When I finally reach my dad’s car, one of the paramedics stops me.

Shaking his head, he grasps my shoulder. “I can’t let you any further, son.”

“I need to get to him.” I try to push past him, but he stops me. “I need to make sure he’s okay!”

“Son”—he blows out a breath—“you don’t want to see him. Not like this.”

The gloom on his face is unmistakable. In my stomach, I know what he’s saying without actually saying the words.

I look away, not wanting to hear anything else. My father is dead. My hero is no longer walking this earth.

I crouch down and pound the pavement with my fists. Unable to control this anger as it rips through me, cursing my body. And when I see the man who was in the other car—the car who hit my father’s—walking toward me, I fucking lose it.

He might have been a friend when they put on their racing suits and climbed in their cars, wishing each other good luck and to be safe. But now, he’s the enemy. As are his daughter and son. And every other person with the last name Hardy. Fuck them all. Things will never be the same after tonight.