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Asher: They say everything happens for a reason even if you don’t know that reason at the time. Being screwed over by the two people closest to me, I thought I lost everything. I thought that statement was the truth until I saw my angel and at that moment I knew she was my reason. I can’t take my eyes off her and I will do anything to make her mine. Even stalk and manipulate situations if I need to. Everything starts to fall into place but things out of my control want to interfere and try to change my plan. They can try all they like but they don’t know how far I will go to keep my Angel in my sights.

Remi: They say everything happens for a reason even if you don’t know that reason at the time. What a load of rubbish that statement is. Life seems to want to break me at every turn. But I won’t let it. I’ve been through hell and won’t be beaten. Everything I want is within reach and then I meet him. A mysterious, gorgeous man. He wants to turn my world upside down and it’s tempting… but then secrets are revealed and people want to break us apart. How far will they go to succeed? How far will Asher go to keep me as his?



Sigrid, Bring Me the Horizon – Bad Life

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James Morrison – Broken Strings

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“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley.

Chapter One


The smell of sweat and cheap liquor permeates the air, making me want to gag. I stare at the stage but focus on nothing.

This run-down shithole of a strip club is not the type of establishment I would normally frequent, but it’s been a rough day.

A bad two weeks, for that matter.

I laugh at the memory of that day, but it’s humorless. Walking in on your fiancée fucking your best friend since first grade is not funny.

The devastation of that day plays in my head like a movie, hitting me right in the chest. I don’t know which is worse, losing Calista or Brody.

All I know is that it hurts so bad, I feel the pain in my now dead heart.

It’s what brought me to this seedy place on the wrong side of town. I needed to get away. Needed to forget.

If only for one night.

Taking a sip of my bourbon, my head snaps up when catcalls break out all around me, and my gaze lands on the stage. A woman walks out in a lacy black bra and thong; not unusual in a strip club, but there is something about her. The way her head is held high, and although she screams confidence, I can see the vulnerability in her eyes.

I stare at her and, in that moment, something strange happens. Something that hasn’t happened since that day two weeks ago. My cock hardens in my pants. Shifting in my seat, my eyes trace every inch of her body from head to toe. Shiny, chocolate-brown hair that reaches her small waist. Chocolate eyes. Perfect, pert tits that bounce with every sway of her hips. Long, tan legs that would look so good wrapped around me. Flawless skin. Heart-shaped face with plump lips and a button nose.


No wonder the crowd perked up. The girl is fucking gorgeous.

I watch as she dances to a song, though I’m not sure what it is. My gaze is fixed on the stage in front of me, captivated by the woman moving her body like a temptress. Taking my eyes from her, I glance around, and sure enough, all eyes are fixated on her, like I knew they would be. A sliver of possessiveness and a whole lot of jealousy course through me. I pause. What the fuck? I never once felt like that towards Calista, so why am I feeling these emotions right now?

The song comes to an end, and the girl drops down, grabbing at all the bills on the stage. Its only then that I notice she didn’t strip. No. The angel is still in her underwear, yet she is by far the most popular girl that has danced so far. With a handful of money, she pushes up, straightens her spine, turns, and sashays away, only to stop when a drunk asshole grabs at her leg. I growl in anger as she slightly stumbles. It takes everything in me to stay in my seat, to not beat the living shit out of the fucker. But I don’t need to. Security is there in a second, pulling the man away and out the door.