Torqued Off (Graffiti Street Red Lipstick #2) Read Online Brynn Hale

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I came to Kildare to get away from everything and everyone, to fade away.
My life has been nothing like a fairy tale. No, it’s been a nightmare.
People have lied to me my whole life and my trust is like rubber on asphalt, black and burnt.
I don’t have anything or anyone to depend on and that’s just the way it needs to stay.
But then I find the Red Lipstick MC Crew and that old sense of family sneaks back in.
When my ex sneaks back into the picture, too, and I won’t let him back into the picture, I need back-up.
Enter Hades from the Graffiti Street Guardians.
He’s got a mohawked head, more tattoos than I have fingers and toes, and he rescues me at just the right time.
After a night in his protection, I can’t let him get hurt by my ex.
He means too much to me, but there’s something off about him.
Hades, if you lied to me, I’ll never forgive you.

Only one person in the Guardians knows who I really am.
I’m there to serve and protect Bree, but I can’t let her know that.
It’s all part of the game that I have to play when I pretend to be someone I’m not.
But this is my last gig for the FBI and then I’m done.
Her ex is a wanted man, but I only want her.
One night is all it takes to cement that we’re hotter than, well, my name.
When she finds out who I really am, she’s torqued off, but I’m still going to put my life on the line for her.
Bree, you might be mad at me, but I’m madly in love with you.
You’re mine. And mine only.

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Rules of the Red Lipstick MC Crew

1. Club business stays inside the club. If you start opening your two lips, you’ll be out before you know it.

2. If you’re in semi-trouble, call Slater of the Guardians at (333) 222-5555 and they’ll send help. If you’re in real trouble, call 911. Tell the police that you’re with us and they’ll wait for Gia to arrive. DON’T. SAY. ANYTHING!

3. We take care of our own. If you are a member, you are expected to jump in and help when we need it. Everyone does chores. Everyone.

4. We all have shit from our pasts. Share your past, but don’t let that past dictate your future. You are more than the events and people who made you.

5. You earn your place in the Red Lipstick MC Crew. What you earn, you can lose.

6. Once a month we’re all in a bad mood. Don’t bring that mood into the MC or Hard Brake. You go at another Red Lipstick Crew member and you’ll have bigger problems than PMS.


“Bree, we have someone new coming in today for a possible membership,” Gia Maldese walks into the room and every head turns. She’s a commanding presence and we all take notice. Doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly beautiful, too. But now that she has Beck, her boyfriend who is the male handsome, imposing version of her, I try to keep my fangirling to a limit.

I stand to get ready. “I’m on it. Name?”

“Quinn Fox.”

“Cool name.”

“I’ve known her for over twenty years. I used to be her babysitter a long time ago.” She rubs her belly. It’s getting bigger every day and now she’s limited what she can do. She used to do the newbie riding checkouts, but now that she’s sidelined by the surprise growing inside of her, I was able to weasel my way into the position and I really enjoy it. It wasn’t that long ago I was the newbie, and I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit anywhere, when I drove through that giant garage door into the parking bay, I knew I was home.

And I haven’t had a home in a long time.

Turns out forgetting my past was way harder than driving away from it.

“And now she might be babysitting your baby?”

“Would be an odd twist of fate, right?” she asks as she hands me an info sheet on this Quinn.

“I don’t know, sounds kinda sweet to me.”

She nods. “Actually, it really would be. But I want you to take good care of her. She’s new to riding, so no showing off. Just make sure she’s got the basics down and help her understand the Red Lipstick rules.”

“Will do.”

The Red Lipstick MC Club has lots of rules and we all have to be able to recite them. I run the riding rules through my head.

1. Safety first. No helmet. No long pants. No boots. And there will be no ride for you.

2. Don’t show off. Both wheels stay on the ground.

3. Race and you’re gone. We follow the speed limit and rules of the road.

4. Enjoy yourself. If you’re not enjoying this, why are you doing it?