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So what if I’m an arrogant playboy?
It’s not like I chained that sweet, innocent woman up against the wall of my apartment myself.
My team did, their gift to me.
After all, I’m now officially the leader of The Business, or known to innocent outsiders as The Donnelly Corporation.
So what if everyone thinks I’m a villain?
I’m Logan Donnelly and I always get what I want.

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The black Mercedes slowly slid down the muddy road, the windshield wipers at full speed in an attempt to clear the view from the heavy rainfall that decorated its desolate environment. They entered the docks, home to abandoned buildings that once served as booming factories. Nowadays, the empty, decrepit constructions offer shelter to those who wished to remain in the shadows.

The car stopped in front of a block of abandoned storage units at the river. Norah Donnelly stepped out, careful not to wet her loafers in the muddy, inky puddles that were a result of a week's worth of rain. She was in her fifties, a proud woman with long copper hair that she wore in a plait, exposing a round face with a set of observant, green eyes. She eyed her most loyal henchmen with a knowing glance, before following Jerry, her husband, inside the damp building. This was a potential breakthrough and they all knew it. It had taken them a ridiculous three hours before they’d finally managed to get their hands on the two men that were now standing in this corner, faces against the wall, their backs exposed to their enemy. Captive. A ridiculous three hours of hunting down two young strangers, who couldn’t be more than errand boys. And for what? It wasn’t their M.O. to expose themselves that bluntly, which is exactly where this chase had led them. After all, they now found themselves in this godforsaken neighborhood, too damn far out of their own territory.

“Why are we here?” Jerry grunted, reflecting the irritation and worry they were all feeling. “Come on boys, we haven’t got all night. Why the fuck did you run off to this hellhole? Is this where you live?”

The two boys stood, their backs stiff, their mouths closed. Outside they vaguely heard the sound of sirens, most likely police on the job at the other side of the river. The place was notorious for street gangs and petty drug dealing.

They were brothers, hands bound behind their backs, locked together by a clunky chain that prevented either one of them from running away. They’d been badly bruised up, with blood dripping freely from their fresh wounds as they stood next to each other, surely waiting to die. Records had shown that they were from Belarus and had only been in the country for a mere twenty-four hours. Perhaps they’d come all the way over here to look for a better life for their families? Perhaps.

“Andriy and Bohdan Kotova.” Jerry approached them from behind with his boot-covered feet, sending heavy, booming sounds into the empty space. “Talk to me. You got caught in our neighborhood. And when we simply wanted to talk to you, you ran. Let us chase you all over the East Village. And then you had the indecency to yell at us. To tell us where to shove it.” He clicked his tongue in disapproval, but Norah knew it was merely for the show. They were nervous. Hell, the entire crew was. They needed to smell blood to keep them going after weeks of pressure building. “So let’s have this conversation in a civilized manner, shall we? I ask, you answer. Let’s start with an easy one, who do you work for?” Jerry took the chain that had the two pairs of wrists tied together and gave it a solid tug. It forced the younger brother around to face him. He jumped at the brisk movement and started sobbing, gaze down.

Jerry hissed. The boy shook his head as thick tears fell down his bruised cheeks. “Answer me! Who do you work for?” There was no answer from the shaken man, apart from the crying. Jerry sighed and kicked the other brother, who was still faced against the wall, in the back of the knee. The man went down with a gasp, only to be brutally shoved up by Jerry. He smashed his face against the wall and the man cried out as his nose broke, leaving smears of blood against the filthy bricks.

This was exactly the reason why Norah had refused to bring Logan here tonight. They’d both agreed on their eldest son soon taking over their organization, but he was officially still in training. This line of work was tough. And despite the fact that the money was good—and boy, did she know that it was good—Logan needed a good woman. His woman. But he didn’t know how to love. Not yet. Logan saw women as goods. Norah was convinced that her firstborn needed someone to grow the business with. Wasn’t it through love and support that she and Jerry were able to set up The Business together? Of course, he was stubborn as hell and didn’t agree, claiming that he had enough love from his family.