Wicked Heart (Born to Die #1) Read Online Candace Wondrak

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You might think a city without its Bloody Princess would be boring… but then you’d be wrong.
I’m the queen, after all. I rule the DeLuca empire in Bianca’s stead, and it’s so much more fun than I thought it would be. People fear me because I killed their Bloody Princess, and they tremble in their boots when I don my mask. I don’t even need my dangerously sexy men behind me to make an impression.
But, you know, they’re still nice to have.
I’m the Night Slayer. I can take care of myself. I didn’t grow helpless. Something like that just doesn’t go away; it runs deep in my blood and my wicked, vengeful heart.
Things are going good… until bodies start appearing. The kicker? They’re all girls, and their bodies turn up with their faces mutilated.
This ain’t gonna fly in my city, b*tches. Whoever’s doing it? I got one message for you:
One, two,
the Night Slayer’s coming for you.

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Hey, you. It’s me again. I bet I know what you’re gonna say. Ain’t this bitch done already? Don’t she have her happily ever after yet? Or whatever stupid shit people wonder these days. Don’t know, stopped trying to read people’s minds when they kept proving to me they didn’t give a shit about me.

In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Lola Harding, your favorite nighttime serial killer extraordinaire, the Night Slayer.

Except, you know, I haven’t done much hunting lately. Too much politics. Because, as you may or may not remember, I ain’t just a serial killer anymore. I dethroned the last DeLuca in the city, Bianca, AKA the Bloody Princess… the little bitch who turned Tony and got me to do some of her dirty work. She made me poison her father, and then when she was sure she had the loyalty of his men, she ended his suffering.

And then I ended hers. Poetic, right? I took her house, took her money, even took her driver, a cute guy named Harvey. It was his idea to take all her shit. I like the guy. He might have a squeaky-clean air about him, but the man ain’t squeamish when the shit hits the fan, which it seems to do often in this fucking city.

So, yeah, after taking out that bitch, I’m the fucking Bloody Queen. Everyone knows it. And in the months since, it’s been nice. It’s been quiet. Of course, it helps that my incest-loving brother isn’t in the picture anymore, since I killed that motherfucker.

Hmm. Maybe sisterfucker is the better word for him, but whatever. I’m getting off track.

What was the point of this again?

Oh, yeah. Me, welcoming you back into my not-so-loving arms.

You think the last ride we went on together was crazy? You thought me ripping a gal’s throat out with nothing but my nails was a little insane? Ha. Well, buckle up, buttercups, because the happily ever after thing ain’t quite here yet…

Huh. Where’s some Frankie Sinatra when you need him? That shit always calms me down.

Chapter One – Lola

Sex. It’s what kept people going. They might claim to be family men and women, but when the lights shut off and no one was watching, it was all about the sex. ‘Course, when you were surrounded by strangers in a dark club, you weren’t exactly alone, but everyone had their own problems, things each and every soul was trying to forget.

With sex.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Sex was great. I loved fucking my guys. I loved it when they fucked me. But sometimes these people were just… desperate. Yeah, that’s the word. Desperate for a lay, any lay, no matter what the consequences would be.

It’s how it was so easy for me to become the Night Slayer, the serial killer who stalked men in clubs, pretended to get drunk, and let them take me to their place, where they thought they’d be able to wet their dicks in me. Only that never happened, because usually they were dead before they could.

Do you know how long it took for a hardened cock to lose its hardness after death? I did. Since the dick got hard with blood pumping through it, when their hearts stopped beating, well… the penis was soon to follow.

It was kind of fun to watch.

Although, that did depend on where the heart was in reference to the schlong after death. Blood tended to move thanks to the whole gravity situation.

But Sylvester, Maddox, and Viper didn’t like it when I saw other men’s packages, for obvious reasons, so I’d steered clear of that. Plus, I was pretty sure it reminded them of when I killed Dickless—Mario Luciano—the youngest Luciano son.

Oh, yeah. They’d found out it was me, kidnapped me, and put me to work as their pet serial killer. It was kind of fun. Honestly, I never expected it to turn out like this. I thought I’d die at their hands, so I’d figured, why not go along for the ride? Might just be the twisted fun I liked.