Wild Bear’s White-Hot Romance (Company 417 Shifters #11) Read Online Amelia Wilson

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This fiery girl is really starting to irritate him but don’t worry because this shifter knows how to fight fires.

She doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap.
Even if that anyone is a firefighter!
A sexy firefighter.
A very sexy firefighter.
It doesn’t matter. She has a job to do.
And he’s just going to have to get out of her way.
A very, very, very sexy firefighter, though.

Company 417 is the most reliable company in the department.
Actually, they’re probably the most reliable company in the state.
What in the world does this beautiful girl think she’s doing?
He doesn’t know who she thinks she is.
He isn’t sure why she thinks she can poke around like this.
And why in the world does he keep thinking about her smile?
And about the rest of her body, too.
Can Tabitha and Rory get past the angry sparks long enough to see just what they might have together? Will it even be possible when a natural disaster might threaten everything? What if Tabitha finds out about Rory’s wild nature?




There are a lot of women in my position who do their best to avoid any reminders that they’re women. I get that, I suppose, although in my experience a lot of what everyone seems to be afraid of when it comes to being taken seriously is just bullshit. I mean, a person would have to be living under a rock to think women don’t belong in the workplace and the way some of my friends demand respect ahead of earning it as some kind of proof a man isn’t misogynistic just doesn’t make sense to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are some professions where women have to deal with that. I just think most of them walk into a job with a chip on their shoulder so damned big they’re the ones who make a big deal about a woman being in the position. I mean, if they go in with the attitude that they’re going to be treated like we’re still in the 1950s and then behave like anything anyone says is evidence of that, what do they expect to happen?

My job puts me in touch with a great many people and most of them are men. I primarily inspect first responder organizations. Most firefighters and EMTs are men. Most police officers and police administrators are men. Almost all people who respond first in an emergency situation are men. I don’t know that they’re a boys’ club or anything like that. It’s just more likely a person in one of those professions is male. In all the time I’ve done my job, I haven’t encountered any derision because I’m female. I get plenty of derision but that has a hell of a lot more to do with people really hating state government inspectors poking their noses into their business.

Today is my first-day inspecting Company 417.

This is one of the most decorated fire departments in the state. I know this sounds weird, but in my experience, the more decorated an organization is, the more likely I am to find dishonesty there. I think most people tend toward corruption without even realizing it. Usually, it’s tiny, like padding expense reports or something like that. Sometimes it’s theft of equipment or filling up the gas tanks of personal vehicles in government filling stations. The more decorated sub-organizations tend to have less oversight precisely because they’re operationally effective. Less oversight usually means more corruption.

If it’s there, I’ll find it.

And that’s why I’m going to look as sexy as humanly possible today.

I said I don’t experience men treating me as inferior or as though I’m not competent. That’s true. Nonetheless, I always dress as attractively as I can when I first show up to an organization. Whether or not they’re cretins, the men have penises and if I can get them to think with the brains between their legs, I’m more likely to pick up on things to help direct my inspection.

I choose a navy-blue suit blazer cut wide at the shoulders and narrow at the waist to flatter my figure. Below that, I wear a pencil skirt that ends above my calves with a single slit on the right side that ends halfway up my thighs. Underneath the blazer, I wear a white button-down blouse that is just sheer enough that anyone who wanted to look could see the slightest hint of my bra underneath.

As I walk through the hotel, I note appreciatively that plenty of men want to look. That’s good. The more the men at Company 417 think with their dicks and not their heads, the easier it will be for me to get what I want.

It’s not just the suit that attracts stares. I have a body men would kill for—have killed for if you accept the Iliad as a historical piece and not a work of fiction. I have fiery red hair and bright green eyes that can flash angrily or tease irresistibly if I choose.