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In the thrilling conclusion to Dex and Emily’s duet, bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake takes readers on a wild ride of second chances, healing, and explosive chemistry.

Temptation got the best of Emily. Between raising her sister and working full time, she knew she didn’t have time for a relationship. Then she met Dex and despite her painful past and weight of her responsibilities, she fell for him hard. Still reeling from the trauma of her past, Emily was forced to confront her worst fears and had to do the unimaginable.
Driven by a tragic past, Dex never expected to fall in love again. But Emily unlocked the carefully constructed cage around his heart and burned all of his doubts to ash. Being with her is everything he never knew he needed. Living without her isn’t an option.
And a Lost King will burn down the entire world to keep his queen.

Full of steamy romance, unforgettable characters, surprise twists, and witty banter, Agony to Ashes is a must-read for fans of the Lost Kings MC series. Agony to Ashes is book two of a duet and should be read after Rust or Ride.

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Nothing good ever shows up in the rearview mirror.

Lost love cuts deeper than any knife. This must be why I’ve avoided relationships for so long. I’d forgotten what a manipulative bastard love could be, charming its way into my heart only to kick my ass to the curb.

All that’s left is the pain. A dark and lonely road to nowhere.

Before Emily, I would’ve gotten on my bike and ridden that road until the pain faded to a dull ache. But loving her has made me stubborn.

I’m not going anywhere.

I won’t cause her more stress while she’s at the hospital with Libby, but I’m not willing to let her do it all alone, either.

Early the next morning, I head downstairs, searching for the right person to ask for a favor.

Unfortunately, the first people I encounter aren’t equipped for this assignment. No, the stoner twins are busy watching cartoons and munching on overflowing bowls of pastel-colored cereal in the living room. Sparky waves at me with a sparkling rainbow soup spoon, spraying droplets of milk all over Stash.

“Morning.” Sparky frowns and tilts his head. “Why so bleak, brother?”

“What’s with the rainbow dinner wear?” I nod to the bowl and spoon in his hands. “You steal that from Alexa?”

He glances at the bowl as if just noticing it for the first time. “Huh. Maybe?”

Stash grins at me and raises his bowl. “Have some sugary goodness and lighten up, brother.”

“Maybe later.” I glance toward the front door. “You seen Trinity around?”

Sparky nods and points his spoon toward the hallway leading to the kitchen. “Who do you think set us up with the cereal?” He picks up a family-size box and shakes it in the air.

“Does that mean she’s in the kitchen?” I ask, quickly losing patience.

Sparky shrugs and shoves another overflowing spoonful into his mouth.

“Last time we saw her, that’s where she was headed,” Stash finally answers.

“Thanks.” I march toward the kitchen, shoving the dining room door open and almost smacking right into Trinity.

“Shoot. Sorry,” she says, backing up.

“No, my fault.” I hold up my hands. “But I was looking for you.”

She lifts an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

Shit, I hate asking her for favors. Trinity has enough to do. Plus, it’s awkward as fuck to explain why I need her to do this.

“Is everything okay?” she asks.

“No,” I answer, holding back all the pain gathering in my chest. “Is there any chance you could run out to Johnsonville Hospital and check on Emily? Libby was in an accident and—”

“Oh my.” Her jaw drops. “Is she okay?”

“I think so. I’m not sure.” I hesitate and run my hands through my hair.

She frowns at me. “What’s going on?”

“It’s…it’s complicated.”

“Say no more.” She nods once. “You think she’s still in the hospital?”

“Last time I checked, yes. Room 382.” The person who’d answered the phone this morning had been a fuck lot easier to finesse than the nurse I’d dealt with at the hospital.

She glances down as if she’s checking to make sure her orange hooded sweatshirt, leggings, and bright yellow sneakers are appropriate attire. “I’ll leave now.”

Relief flows through me. “Thank you.”

Her expression softens. “Dex, you once saved my life. I’m always here if you need my help.”

Saved her life might be stretching it but I appreciate the sentiment. “Thanks, Trin.”

“I just need to run to the house and get my purse. Oh!” She pulls her phone out of the front pocket of her hoodie. “Hope’s supposed to cover a case for Charlotte this morning,” she explains as her fingers tap out a text. “I promised Rock I’d give her a time check.”

I chuckle. “Is there anyone around here you’re not taking care of?”

“Probably.” She flashes her phone at me but all I see are a line of eye-roll emojis. Trinity snickers and tucks her phone away. “All right. I’m off.” She turns, heading for the kitchen. “I’ll call you with an update.”

“Thanks, Trinity.”

It’s a risk, asking Trinity to visit Emily. It could piss Emily off even more. Push her further away. But the thought of her alone in the hospital beating herself up over the accident kills me. I’d been there. Alone, when someone I loved was suffering. The weight of it was suffocating. Even if we’re not together, I can’t leave Emily to deal with everything by herself.

Besides, if anyone can talk some sense into her, it might be Trinity.

Not wanting to hover while she finishes what she needs to do, I continue through the kitchen and step outside through the back door.

A cold gust of wind slaps me in the face. Spring’s supposed to be around the corner, but the seasons seem to be stuck. Kind of like I was for years. Stuck in loneliness—the cruelest season of them all. Deadlier than a winter frost, sending my heart into hibernation for years, even if I didn’t want to admit the truth. My club saved me years ago. Gave me a reason to exist when I thought I didn’t deserve to live.