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Looking for my biological father led me to things I never knew I was my sisters. It also gave me the perfect excuse to get close to Ken, my assistant. Sure, he had a secret, but it wasn't a deal breaker; in fact, it was pretty sweet.

Now, I'm his, and nothing can ever change that.


One look, and I was hooked. I knew I'd do anything to be close to her. Pretending to be her assistant was just step one. Traveling the northeast looking for her biological dad was just the excuse I needed to get out of the office and into my bed. Once I had her there, there was no way I was letting her go.

This is book four in The President’s Daughters Series by ChasShiree M. & M.K. Moore.

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My name is April Van Houten, and I’m the worst, apparently. No one wants to work with me, so I do everything on my own for the most part. I hate it. Do you know how freaking lonely it gets talking to no one but my parents on a daily basis? I had some casual friends in college but haven’t kept in touch with a single one of them. We just led different lives. Mine is pretty fucking lonely. But enough of my self-induced pity party. I’ve got shit to do and not a lot of time in which to do it.

I’ve always known my dad wasn’t my biological father, and it’s never mattered to me until now. My parents weren’t able to conceive naturally, but they really wanted a baby and decided to use a sperm bank. I’ve known this. Recently, I found my mom's paperwork from the clinic they used, and there was an odd letter from the donor. I must admit that it has me curious. I’ve done what I can from here, but my dad, Harrison, told me that in six months, he was stepping down as CEO of Van Houten Foods, where I am currently the COO. If I’m ever going to do anything about it, now is the time. Soon, there will be none. I have been preparing for this role my entire life. I remember going to board meetings with him when I was barely taller than the conference table. He indulged me, his only child, and gave me everything I ever wanted. I love that man more than anything, but I want to know my biological father. My mom carried me, and they both love me so much, and I love them more than anything, but I feel like the biggest bitch in the world because I still feel like I’m missing some huge part of myself.

“Hey, pumpkin,” Dad says as he comes through my open office door. He looks tired, and his normally pristine suit is wrinkled. Whatever he has to say isn’t going to be good. He offers me a smile that, despite his mood, reaches his eyes. He really does love me, and I love him. I feel guilty for wanting to seek out my biological father. I

“Hey, Dad. What’s up?” I ask as I finish up my welcome email to our newest client, The Jorgensen Restaurant Group, headquartered in Minnesota. I’ve been working with our acquisitions department for months trying to get them, and we finally fucking did. They have twenty-two restaurants in the US alone, and it’s a huge win for us.

“We have to fire Jonathan Huxley.” The CFO. A fucking creep of the highest caliber.

“Why? And can we even do that?” I ask, thinking about contracts and such.

“We don’t have a choice. Not only has he been skimming money, but his secretary has come forward with some pretty shocking allegations. Not that I don’t think they are true.”

“Of course she has. This is a nightmare. Has he been escorted from the building?” Motherfucker. I knew he was bad news. The fallout from this could devastate the company. There are thirty thousand employees to think about.

“He’s been arrested. For both incidents.”

“Good. So now we begin the hunt, correct?”

“Yes. The board has already brought forth several candidates.”

“Alright. We’ll leave it in their hands then.”

“Sounds good. How’s the assistant search going?”

“It’s not,” I grumble. My former assistant got married in March and never returned after her honeymoon. She ghosted me, and apparently, all the women I’ve interviewed told HR I was supremely difficult or some variation of the phrase when they declined the position. I had no idea I was difficult. I always thought I was laid back and, like super chill, but I guess not.

“It’ll all work out, pumpkin. I know it.” I mean, he is right. It always does, but does it have to suck getting there?

“Thanks, Dad. Lunch?”

“Sure. 12:45?”

“Sounds good.”

I watch as he leaves. I think his retirement plans got pushed off, and things around here got a lot harder.

It's time to buckle down, find an assistant who can work with me, and get this company back on track. Then I’ll worry about my bio dad. Yeah, that seems doable.




My name is Kendrick Roman, and I am the personal assistant to the most amazingly infuriating woman I have ever met. Did I mention I am in love with her? Did I also mention I am not really her PA, but she doesn’t know that? No? Well, let me explain.

This company had courted me for half a year. For that amount of time, they followed my career, talked to me about my future, and kept track of my progress. Finally, six months ago, they brought me in and offered me the company's CFO position. The CEO and his wife explained to me that he was retiring, and their daughter would be taking his place. I assumed they wanted to be sure I was okay working for a woman but that is not an issue.