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Sometimes an opportunity comes along that you just can’t resist…

As a member of the Tri-State Federal Drug Task Force, Antonio Alvarez seizes the opportunity to go undercover with the Deadly Demons MC when it unexpectedly arises.

Although his main objective is to locate the missing prospect, T-Bone, who disappeared with Sloane’s sister, Sadie, it also gives him a chance to get closer to Sapphire, the former hostess of The Peach Pit.

The fact that she still works at the Demons-owned gentlemen’s club doesn’t sit well with Rez. However, Sapphire is a strong and fiercely independent woman who won’t be told what to do.

When he and his brothers finally find Sadie, what they discover sends shockwaves through the Blue Avengers MC and triggers painful memories from the past.

As if that weren’t enough, a clash between the Demons and Sapphire puts her at risk, ultimately forcing her to leave her job.

In the end, Rez may get what he wants, but not without paying a price for it first.

Note: Beyond the Badge: Rez is the fourth book in the Blue Avengers MC series. It’s HIGHLY recommended to read this six-book action/adventure series in order due to the continuing story arcs (subplots). However, each book focuses on a different couple who gets their HEA. This series has no cheating or relationship cliffhangers.

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Glossary of Terms

LEO - Liquor Enforcement Officer and/or Law Enforcement Officer (used for both)

PSP - Pennsylvania State Police

The Plant - A place away from stations/barracks/etc. for law enforcement/a task force to conduct clandestine criminal investigations.

Plant Manager - Person in charge of wiretapping/transcribing calls

MC Chapter - The national club with a national exec committee (President, VP, etc.); Ex: Deadly Demons MC

MC Charter - Each charter is run independently, does not answer to a mother charter or a national chapter; Example: Blue Avengers MC

Sled - slang for motorcycle

A-Cert - Wire-tapping certification

TFO - Task Force Officer

UC/UCO - Undercover Agent/Officer

RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

CW - Cooperating Witness, unpaid

CI - Confidential Informant, some are paid

Stash vehicle - A place to store their supply of drugs for dealing.

Re-upping - To refill one's drug stash

Trap house - A residence used in the illegal drug trade. Drug houses shelter drug users and provide a place for drug dealers to supply them.

Thrust Stage - a stage that extends into the audience so they’re seated around three sides.

BOLO - Be on the lookout alert or APB (all-points bulletin)

Incel (involuntary celibates) - a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile toward women and men who are sexually active.

Character List

BAMC (Southwest Regional Charter):

Axel Jamison - President - Sergeant, Shadow Valley PD

Shane Fletcher (Fletch) - Vice President - Trooper, PA State Police

Antonio Alvarez (Rez) - Sergeant at Arms - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Aiden Cross - Secretary - Corporal, Southern Allegheny Regional PD, Nash’s (DAMC) husband

Mike Miller - Treasurer - Officer, Pittsburgh PD

Daniel Finnegan (Finn) - Road Captain - Officer, Southern Allegheny Regional PD

Bradley Lennox (Nox) - Officer, Shadow Valley PD

Colin Crew - Senior Special Agent, DEA, Tri-State Task Force Leader

Owen Decker - Trooper, PA State Police

Danielle Montgomery (Monty) - Corrections Officer, SCI Greene

Timothy Frasier - Liquor Enforcement Officer, PA State Police

Roland North - Lieutenant, Pittsburgh PD

Other Tri-State Drug Task Force Members:

Luke Rodgers - DEA Special Agent

Luis Torres - DEA Special Agent

Ian Butler - Corporal, PA State Police

Ken Proctor - Officer, Uniontown PD

Carl Powers - Trooper, PA State Police

Sam Kruger - Corporal, Greensburg PD

Warren Reynolds - Corporal, PA State Police

Don Mullins - Narcotic Detective, Pittsburgh PD

Nova Wilder – FBI Special Agent, Organized Crime Division


Sapphire - Current dancer and former hostess at The Peach Pit

Sloane Parrish - Legal assistant

Melina Jensen (Mel/MJ) - Manager at The Peach Pit

Valerie (Val) - Decker’s adopted daughter/niece

Viper - Deadly Demons president

Screw - Deadly Demons VP

Wolf – Deadly Demon in charge of the Uniontown chapter

T-Bone - Deadly Demons prospect

Sadie Parrish - Sloane’s sister

Amelia Decker - Decker’s late sister

Bella - DAMC, Axel Jamison’s wife

Saint - Deadly Demon in charge of The Peach Pit

Ringo, Popeye, Mutt and Chubs - Prospects working at The Peach Pit

Clark - Monty’s boyfriend


S&M - Rihanna

Circus - Britney Spears

River - Bishop Briggs

Gorilla - Bruno Mars

Cherry Pie - Warrant

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

The Stroke - Billy Squier

Chapter One

Rez slouched in a curved, vinyl bucket chair facing the stage. With a half-full glass of beer in one hand and some dollar bills in the other, his eyes followed the woman dancing on stage.

Ever since Mel received her pink slip as the strip club’s manager by getting pulled by her hair out of the building and across the parking lot, The Peach Pit had become just that… A fucking pit.

Once Mel was forcibly removed, most of her best strippers left and found employment elsewhere. Because of that, the Deadly Demons, the MC who currently owned the club, were backfilling their stable with women having no business stripping.

And that was the reason he was one of very few men sitting in the club on what should be a busy Friday night. Instead, it was dead.

Most of the dancers tonight were so damn unenthusiastic, they looked bored. Or tired. Or maybe even high. None bothered to make much of an effort at all.

The club looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in who the fuck knew when. The whole reason he wiped the chair off with a napkin before sitting his ass down.

Whoever was in the DJ booth tonight was definitely not a professional, either. For the most part, they might as well be playing sad trombones through the speakers to go with the wilting women “dancing” on stage.

He really doubted the business was making any decent dough at this point. But he also doubted the Demons gave too much of a shit about that. They wanted to use the club as a point of sale operation for their meth business, instead.

Along with meth, they slung pot, too. However, weed was child’s play. It wasn’t their main moneymaker, but more than likely a way to make The Peach Pit a “one-stop shop” for anyone wanting to get high.

Every employee, other than some of the strippers, now consisted of Demon members, either patched or prospect. And he swore some of the “new” strippers did double-duty as Demons’ sweet butts. Saint had to scramble to get bodies to fill in the gaps after the mass exodus.